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Joey (3), Logan (2), and Noah (1), who are biological brothers, were under the care of an adoption home. They grew up there without knowing the joys of a real family to call their own.

Luckily, On November 23 of this year – coincidentally National Adoption Day these three brothers will be adopted. And they will know what exactly it to be loved by a family is.

KC and Lena Currie of Sudbury, Massachusetts, were their shelter and home.

These young parents began their adoption one year ago by adopting Joey, who was 02 years at the time.

They made their legal adoption and be prepared to be parents to a toddler.

They mentioned that they first noted Joey at an event sponsored by a person who was a friend of children. At the time, Joey was 18 months old.

They showed the picture of the child to their friend and asked about her idea. She mentioned that it will be a big chance for both of them and will be a good match.

In the beginning, they ended up adopting Joey in March.

Just soon after the adoption, the couple received a call from the children’s friend, telling Joey had a six-week-old brother Noah, who needed a home too.

They have no time at all to say yes. Only then got to know that there was another child named Logan, who got fallen from adoption.

They deeply thought about this scenario.

They feel God is trying to give something big for them.

Just after one month of adopting Noah, Logan too joined the family.

Parents said they were going to say yes because keeping three children together is more important than them.

When they get older, children will have each other to lean on. And share their life ups and downs.

Becoming parents for three children under 04 years is not easy at once. It has been no walk in a park. But the couple has done a remarkable thing in accepting responsibility for these brothers.

Now all three are living happily while receiving endless love from their new parents. It was an immeasurable gift they received.

Altogether, now they can start dreaming about grade school, sports, and all those fun things.