Before an amazing incident happened, Vince Hietpas was an ordinary fifth grader. But the fact is he never knew about his generous heat until another kind-hearted person discovered it.

It was a normal day for Venice and his dad Lorenzo when they spotted a wallet on the ground while walking in the park.

They picked it up from the ground and searched for a clue about the owner inside the wallet. According to the details on the driver’s license inside the wallet, it belonged to 17-year-old Chase Dahlke.

Even though they having a hard time with money, Venice and his dad decided to return the wallet to the owner. They went to the Chase Dahlkes house and returned it to Chase’s dad Jackson. Also, Jackson never forgets to treat the boy with few dollars.


What happened after that?

Because it’s very rare to hear such amazing story in present-day society Chase’s stepmom Michelle was very pleased to hear about the Vanities story. She wanted to meet and thanks to this golden-hearted child

She posted a post online searching for someone who knows the child.  Soon after posting a story she found a friend who knows the family.  But then she learned the shocking truth about Venice and his family.

She heard that the child and his family is struggling with financial issues as Venice s dad had lost his job after he was infected with Covid 19.

“Doing the right thing is good.”

After hearing Vanice’s story Michelle decided to open a GoFundMe campaign for him. It raised over $9,000 in few days.

Venice was very grateful for Michelle’s action but he replied with a simple sentence saying “Doing the right thing is good.”