A youngster, 19 years old, was forced to choose to have half his body amputated to save his life. The story was tearful but inspiring to the people who get backward soon.

The story comes from Great Falls, Montana, 19-year-old Loren Schauers.

His accident took place back in September 2019, when Loren was forcing to drive a forklift truck along the edge of a bridge to accommodate passing cars.

The vehicle fell and plummeted 50-feet to the ground.

It crumbled beneath him, and though he attempted to jump off the truck, his leg got trapped in his seatbelt. And the boy was left trapped under the vehicle, weighed four tons. It has rolled three times before landing on top of him, causing extensive injuries.

Loren, conscious the entire time, watched as his right arm was crush and the bottom half of his body was pinned down by the truck.

Doctors tried their best to save his lower limbs, including his right hip, genitalia, and left thigh. But his pelvis was too crushed. They had no other way to save his sperms.

As a result of his injuries, the 19-year-old teenager had left with a heartbreaking choice: have the lower half of his body amputated or face certain death.

It was not a difficult decision to have half of my body amputated – it was basically a selection of living or dying, Loren explained.

Entire-time, his girlfriend Sabia was with him in good or bad.

Bravely he decided to have amputated his lower body to save his life.

With Sabia promising to stay by my side no matter what and all my immediate family being nearby me, it was not a difficult choice for me said, Loren.

Sabia said: There were many heartfelt, teary, sad conversations between us within the first month of Loren being in hospital.

Even Sabia said goodbye to Loren six times while he was in the hospital. Doctors repeatedly informed her, Loren would not make it another day. And yet, somehow, he managed to survive.

The first time we said goodbye; was before his surgery, but he still had his incubator in, so he wrote to us as he could not talk, Sabia said.

The night before his surgery, he wrote, I love you on paper as it could have been our last night together. I still have that piece of paper.

Every time, the doctors, saying he was going to die, we should have a goodbye conversation, and then he would not die. It tore our hearts; we hated it.

His health was teasing us, like, haha; we are fine now, but going to die soon, so you will all be sad, then he lived.

The road to his recovery is like a portion of a heroic story. Despite this, Loren wanted to defeat the expectations of his doctor and prove his ambitions are strong.

At first, doctors said Loren, will have to stay at least 18 months in hospital.

But failing their judgments, he was out of the hospital in three months, including four weeks of rehabilitation.

Lastly, he won his battle. Loren said: My best advice to anyone going through something like this is that you cannot concentrate on the things you cannot hold, and you need to live your life to the most satisfied with what you do have.

The inspiring story of Loren, who beat the world, will be a motivation to anyone who is going through a life-altering accident.

Loren proved to himself being brave is the best choice.