Former model Duria Pitt, 27, was caught in a wildfire six years ago while running an ultra marathon in Australia. 64 percent of his body was badly burned. Doctors said she was unlikely to survive.

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When the accident happened, Duria’s boyfriend Michael Hoskin resigned from his police job to take care of her, and he always stood by her side to protect her. Michael knew he was not going anywhere.

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After the accident, Duria underwent 200 surgeries. She lost seven fingers in the accident and had to recover for more than two years.

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In 2020, she was interviewed about the horrific event that took place when flames caught up with her during a horrific accident, 100 km away in western Australia.

“I remember pieces of my skin sticking out of the rocks and the spinfix,” Pitt said, and explained that he felt a “bubble sense of panic”.

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In 2015, Michael proposed to Duria with a diamond ring he had bought for her four years ago while she was in intensive care.

Michael says he proposed to her while they were on vacation in the Maldives.

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“I bought a diamond ring four years ago when Duria was in intensive care,” Michael tells The Daily Mail.

It took two years for his wounds to heal, until then Duria had to wear a face mask.

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Slowly but surely she began to heal. “You’re beautiful,” Michael says to his girlfriend every day.

The couple got married in 2016.

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Duria thanks Michael for all the support he has given over the past difficult seven years, and he has spent most of his time in the hospital.

“I was going to sleep next to my partner and I had never thought of anything like this before. I think now how lucky I am to sleep next to this handsome man. He’s a good guy and I’m very lucky to have him as my husband, “Duria Pitt told the Daily Mail.”

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“Every day is a great day when I wake up near Michael.”

After the tragic accident, the couple rebuilt their lives and struggled to move forward.

“She does not want people to feel sorry for her. She wants to continue her life, ”Michael told “She’s beautiful, she’s amazing.”

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Life went on like this, but despite all this, they both felt that there was something wrong with their lives.

They wanted to become a family and have children.

In 2017, Duria revealed on Instagram that she was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

The news quickly spread throughout Australia, where people have been watching the couple’s travel for years.

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Although she could not run a marathon for a while, she explained that she designed herself during pregnancy.

Michael and Turia welcomed their son Hakaway to the world on December 7, 2017. On 9 February 2020, the couple announced that they were welcoming their second child, another son, Rahiti Hoskin.

Today they are married and happily raising their child together.

An inspiring story that proves that true love really conquers everything!

Michael and Duria deserve to be followed and their story is a testament to what love is all about.

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