When you are a mother, life becomes difficult.  The same thing happens with dog mothers.

They have more cubs than

humans.  They also develop the need to take care of all the puppies at the same time.

Truly this task is not so easy.  But because nature is incredibly bizarre, it also gives these puppy mothers the opportunity to be incredibly extraordinary.

Although they are very tired, they are all proud of their children.  So they decide to pose happily with their cubs.

Even though many of them give birth to numerous cubs, they are still capable of giving their masters the best smile during photography.

A dog at home is very keen on keeping the family happy where he lives.  It makes all of us feel so happy.

If you are one of the puppy lovers, we invite you to check out these 21 photos of dog mothers posing proudly with their babies.  And their owners are just as happy as they decided to capture that moment in the film they shared.

1) Our dog had her puppies a week ago.  I tried to photograph her with her, but did not want to miss the opportunity to appear in my other dog family film and that too joined in the photo.

2) Five cubs with mom

3) Sorry, mother who points out that I escaped for a moment when you opened the door.

4) Proudly the parents of these cute puppies

5) When you’ve tired, have a little more courage to smile with your kids when they eat.

6) Four tails that move during breakfast

7) Dedicating babies to sleep is a feat that only a good mother can do.

8) Man, I present my children to you

9) Who among you has taken off the shoes of man?

10) When your husband goes out with his friends, you should take care of your puppies alone.

11) Proud mother who just wanted to go for a walk and is now a mother to many cubs.

12) This is what we call the discipline and restraint of the mother.

13) Giving everyone the same pose together at the same time is one of the things that can only be achieved by the proud mother of her tender children.

14) Here we present the adorable cubs of the largest pit bull on earth.

15) Honestly, I have never been so proud and tired at the same time.

16) Men look at me I did all this alone.

17) Puppies of a Neapolitan Mastiff are as elegant and majestic as their mother dog.

18) The faces of these huskies are as mischievous as their mother’s face.

19) Bernice Mountain Dog is proud of the cute puppy that poses with an unusual smile.

20) A Rottweiler mother poses with her two beautiful children smiling.

21) The most beautiful and most beloved dog family you see throughout the day.