Just because someone has lost their gift does not mean that they are lacking in love

To prove it, look at this homeless man named Soko and his two cute puppies Shaggy and Nena and you will realize his love.

The next day, he went to the park in Fukaramanga, Colombia, and saw a beautiful scene of Soka playing with puppies on some nearby stairs.  There, Soko and his puppies sat together on the stairs, in the hot night air.

For these three close friends, it soon became clear that this was not the case the night before.  Thought this night would be special.

Someone nearby was watching,

Soko wore a birthday party hat on each puppy’s head.  Then, he took out a cake and candles.  Then he started singing Birthday song.

It was Shakiyin’s birthday, and Soko gave him a sweet little treat:

After finishing the video, the shooter approached Soko, who knew his name and story, and helped him and his dogs.  After this clip was published online, many people have been following it.

Soko has been living on the streets escaping the abusive home for the past several years.  At all times, he takes care not to go without Shaggy and Nena.

Now strangers are doing the same thing to him.

Many good Samaritans have volunteered to help Soko and his dogs stand on their own two feet again.

And the park, where he often visits, has become a gathering place for other animal lovers who come to donate food and supplies.

Also Soko has posed for photos with their own cubs.

Fortunately, thanks to the support they receive, life will soon change for Soko, Shaggy and Nena.

Meanwhile, looking at the love shared between them, it becomes clear that they already have something more precious than gold.

That is boundless love.