It must be said that this 15-year-old boy and his younger sister saw a helpless and old woman and came forward to help, which is truly respectable.

Donarius Caldwell was playing with his younger sister Diamond on his phone until their school bus arrived. Just then his kind sister saw an elderly helpless woman trying to press the button at a crosswalk.

His sister told her older brother that he thought the woman was blind and that he should go and help her, who was already a very helpless and tired old woman. But he could not have imagined that his actions would be captured on camera and shared among people, even across borders.

“I told Dontarius that she was blind and that you should get up and help her. He got up and went to help her cross the street twice while waiting for the helpless bus to arrive, ”Diamond added.

Credit: WLWT News/YouTube

The freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio, approached the woman and answered “yes”and then took his hand for help.Finally he guided the old & blind woman to cross the road very safely and by then his sister was still waiting for the school bus to arrive.

These young men, who were very loving and kind, did not think that their deeds would be known in this way.

Credit: WLWT News/YouTube

“I was just trying to a help somehow. But I never thought I would be on camera, ”Dontarius told NBC’s WLWT5 news center.

“I was helping the elderly, giving a helping hand. The keyword is helping hand. Everybody gotta get a helping hand,” he said.

Dontarius’ amazing way of helping such an old woman was caught on camera and later shared on social media as a image and became the talk of the whole world. It was seen by thousands of people in 24 hours and everyone praised him for his great work.

“If you are kind, what will happen to you (them),” Dontarius said.

Dontarius was given a key to the school as a reward for his lovely kindness.

It is truly amazing to be able to witness such sensitive and extraordinary events in the world we live in.

So spread your kindness all over the world with great love. Then the whole world will undoubtedly be a very wonderful place.