Normally, a narrative involving police officers tracking for escaped runaways does not seem particularly endearing. However, a police department’s story about cops having to pick up six pups following a “jailbreak” is bringing smiles to people’s faces online.

Six puppies escaped from a fenced-in area and went to the roadway before their parents recognized them, according to a Facebook post from the Marietta, Georgia Police Department.

Credit: Facebook/Marietta, Georgia Police Department

Fortunately, police officers arrived quickly to apprehend the fleeing puppies and bring them to safety.

The policemen were called the “PAW Patrol” by the department, with “PAW” standing for “Puppies Aimlessly Wandering.”

Credit: Facebook/Marietta, Georgia Police Department

Officer Covino, dubbed the “senior puppy whisperer” by the MPD, headed the squad.

According to the post, all six “escapees” were located safe and sound and were reunited with their humans.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” they wrote.

Credit: Facebook/Marietta, Georgia Police Department

While the story was both amusing and uplifting, the agency also advised dog owners to make sure their fences are “escape resistant” and to outfit their pets with ID collars in case they went missing.

Credit: Facebook/Marietta, Georgia Police Department

Other police agencies have asked to launch their own “PAW Patrol,” and many individuals have praised the officers’ conduct.

One lady said on Facebook, “I don’t know who’s cuter, the paw patrol or the pups!” “Thank you so much for everything you do!”

These policemen deserve a pat on the back for gathering up these six pups and transporting them to safety!