Deyvion had just been born and was sleeping in a cradle in the flat when a fire broke out and spread across the building. Firefighters were able to rescue him from the blaze, but he suffered terrible burns over his whole face due to the ordeal.

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It is a miracle that Deyvion survived his injuries, but the courageous infant from Missouri had to battle his way back to health at a clinic designed to treat burn victims.

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She said, “I feel like everyone says, ‘Oh, he’s so glad to have you and what you’re doing,’ but I’m just as fortunate to have him.”

After spending 2,545 days on the streets, Beth gave Deyvion a permanent place to call home by adopting him.

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Beth commented, “I want him to be happy first and foremost,” as her goal for her boyfriend. “And I want him always to feel loved. I want him to have goals. I want him to achieve those objectives. I want him to do incredible things.” And I do not doubt that he will. There is no question that God has something spectacular planned for him.”

Not only does he have his adoptive mother and brothers who appreciate him as much as he justly deserves, but the firefighters who saved him also believe that he is remarkable in his own right.

The night that Deputy Chief Eric Smith and his South Metro Fire Department colleagues in Raymore saved this exceptional boy is one that they will never forget.

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On the day of Deyvion’s adoption, Smith and his crew presented the little youngster with a one-of-a-kind jacket and cap that had been specially designed for him. They also took the child and his mother to the courtroom so that the adoption could be finalized.

Smith gave Deyvion a high five and spoke highly of him, praising him and stating, “He is very fantastic.” Although there are times when we don’t understand why things happen, we do now.”

After going through all that he has, this young man deserves all the love that he can have, and he will always be surrounded by it. He is a brave and beautiful youngster who deserves every bit of pleasure that he can get.

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This is the type of tale we should watch and listen to more often. What awe and respect. What a touch of kindness.

Credit: Facebook/Deyvion’s Drastic Journey

Let us offer this little boy even more love and tell his tale, for he is a beautiful example for us all to follow.