A child should not face obstacles on their path to acquiring a good education and the myriad social opportunities accompanying it.

The parents of Russian Sofya Zakharova, who is just two years old, were informed, however, that their daughter would not be allowed to attend the school in her hometown.

They were warned that other children might be “scared” by the abnormal form of her skull.

Sofya lives with her mother, father, Rasul, and both sets of grandparents in the Russian village of Alatany, located in the Bashkortostan region. Rasul is Sofya’s younger brother.

She was unfortunately born with a brain that was not properly developed as well as fingers and toes that were fused together. It was recommended to her parents that they should have their daughter undergo surgery before putting in an application for a school slot. afspeelkwaliteit

They were apparently told that she had the potential to “scare other kids.” This information comes from The Daily Mail.

An educational psychologist named Ekaterina Belan told The Metro that it was essential for Sofya to begin attending school and build social ties.

“The sooner she gets interaction experience, the easier it will be for her to cope with the environment in which she lives and grows,” she said. “The sooner she has interaction experience, the sooner she will have interaction experience.”

Because the stove in their flat is damaged and the gas has been shut off, Sofya and her family are forced to live in an unheated apartment that does not have running water.

Rescued by a community organization.

Grandfather Sergei Mikhailov laments that “they have such a calamity here.” “They gave the impression that they would carry out the surgery, but after that, they were silent.”

Sofya’s case was reportedly taken up by a local charity called Rainbow of Goodness. Still, the school continued to deny her admission despite the organization’s efforts, as reported by the Metro newspaper.

Her mother was told that she needed to make arrangements for her daughter to have surgery before she could attend nursery school like an average child.

The prosecutor’s office is now looking into why Sofya has not been operated on and why the school won’t let her enrol there.

According to Radiy Khabirov, the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, “I understand that there would have been no conversations on this and no relocation if it hadn’t been for the engagement of the humanitarian group.”

An appropriate legal investigation will be carried out at this time since it is clear that the rights of the child and the parents have been violated in some way.

You may see a video that further enlightens you on Sofya’s story below.

This is obviously a violation of the rights of this child, and I’m delighted it’s being looked into.

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