Parenthood is not usually accompanied by the birth of a child; rather, it may occur in a variety of ways. Whether you are fostering children or deciding to adopt, you must be prepared.

When conventional parenthood did not work out for Charity Newman, she chose to try something else.

Charity Newman has always desired to be a mother. In a contribution to Love What Matters, she said she had even chosen a name for a daughter and often envisioned what she would do with her.

After years of waiting, however, nothing occurred. However, she was still determined to make a difference in the lives of children, so she decided to foster.

Credit: Charity Newman/Love What Matters

She asked her spouse, who declined. A few years later, her spouse reconsidered the concept of self-fostering. Her spouse told her, “I’m prepared. She inquires, “When are the next classes?” to Love What Matters.

Within a year, the pair had their license and were ready for business. The charity received the news while seated in an Atlanta, Georgia Cheesecake Factory. She couldn’t wait to become a foster parent; in fact, she received a call the very following day to foster a teenager but was too busy to accept.

Charity’s home is slowly but definitely filled with young guys. Two brothers between the ages of 10 and 12 spent time with her. She developed a connection with their mother and believed that the boys would be reunited with her sooner.

As soon as 14-year-old Andre moved in, he informed Charity that he would never call her mom since he did not like the term. In all, Charity fostered 13 children full-time beginning in 2019, when she became a foster mom.

Credit: Charity Newman/Love What Matters

However, her personal life was less than ideal. She told Love What Matters that her marriage was essentially gone and that she and her husband had filed for divorce amicably.

Andre stayed with her, and she ultimately chose to adopt him. Charity’s adoption was finalized on April 27, 2021, when she was 32 years old. Andre now calls her mother.

“He has the most exquisite freckles, which cover the softest cheeks I have ever touched. I tuck him in each night and cuddle him on Sunday afternoons while binge-watching Netflix (because teenagers do not get up on Saturday mornings for cartoons). I am the proudest mother in the world because he offers the nicest hugs. Because I am his and he is mine. And we believe that our family is ideal. According to Love What Matters, he is my realized dream.

Credit: Charity Newman/Love What Matters

The mother and son now share a two-bedroom apartment with their two pets. While Charity no longer fosters, she sometimes assists local foster families who may be overloaded, and Andre is always willing to share his room.

Andre is a senior in high school, whilst Charity teaches fifth grade. Both mother and son want to create memories that will last them a lifetime!

What a wonderful tale that reminds us there are several ways to become a parent.

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