When you become a parent, your whole world is transformed. There are things that used to seem inconsequential that now have a special place in your heart.

To put our children in harm’s path, no matter how tiny the scale, is painful to us because of our innate need to protect and care for them. It’s because of this that even the most ordinary of tasks become a source of anxiety.

Why is this happening? In the back of your mind, you’ll constantly hear that voice saying, “There are always hazards.” As a matter of fact, it may actually amplify them.

In what should have been a routine procedure, a 7-year-old South Carolina girl died after only one minute. Her family is in shock and grieving her death.

It’s been reported that 7-year-old Paisley Elizabeth Grace Cogsdill was in perfect health. On Friday, February 21, a second-grader in Greenwood, SC, had a tonsillectomy at Self Regional Hospital.

But then something terrible happened. Little Paisley’s heart stopped beating during operation, and she died as a result. Astonishingly, her family has been left in the dark.

Community members have come together to support the Truelock and Cogsdill families while they investigate the death of Paisley. In order to meet the costs, a GoFundMe page has been put up, and an autopsy will hopefully provide the family with the closure they need to cope with their loss. So far, the GoFundMe has garnered more than $38,000 in donations.

“Going into surgery, she had no fear,” Mary Beth Truelock told WHNS. “She was smiling and happy. Nothing was wrong, you know. She had no fear.”

After Paisley’s heart stopped, doctors made every effort to resuscitate her but to no avail.

“Definitely missing her all the time,” Mary Beth said. “You don’t understand why these things happen, but we know it was God’s plan and that’s the only thing that can get us through, cause we know it was God.”

When Paisley Cogsdill and Jasmine Truelock learned that their courageous little child had been taken away from them, they were left in a world of sadness.

Autopsy results are supposed to provide light on what caused Paisley’s heart to stop, but it will be of little comfort to a family that has lost one of its brightest lighthouses.

Only God knows the reason why he picked Paisley to join him, but the public’s continued support for her family should offer them some comfort.

Paisley, may your soul rest in peace. Love and prayers may be sent by sharing this article on Facebook.