Physical education programs at this school are being used as a method to give back to the community.

Summer is an excellent season for yard maintenance for the majority of us. Fortunately, the weather is fine, the soil is dry, and there is little to no risk of rain interrupting the work. As much as they’d want to, the elderly and those with impairments are unable to carry out these tasks on their own.

Here, students from the Alternative Learning Center may help.

Credit: Alternative Learning Center

High school students who are in danger of dropping out of school may attend the ALC.

In order to complete their physical education requirements for graduation, students have the option of participating in a number of activities during the last two weeks of school and volunteering to perform yardwork for individuals who can is one alternative. About four years after they first established their own garden, social studies instructor Tim Hizler had the idea to start this inspirational initiative.

Credit: Alternative Learning Center

When Tim Hitzler isn’t teaching at the Alternative Learning Center, you’ll find him and his pupils doing various outside tasks for those who are disabled or old.

“The students and I and other students come out and help them. Could be raking leaves, pulling weeds, cutting grass, cleaning gutters – just depends on what they need,” he said.

Credit: Alternative Learning Center

Tim claims that the school can only benefit the neighborhood if students can earn physical education credits by doing yard labor. He also thinks it’ll be helpful to the pupils.

“The students aren’t typically too excited at the beginning, but once they get involved and start doing the yard work, they become more motivated. What they really like is a: helping people. They really like giving back to people and meeting the person,” he said.

Credit: Alternative Learning Center

Hizler tells PEOPLE, “Once kids do it once, they wanna do it again. It’s good for them to learn real-life skills.”

The students and instructors at Dubuque Community School District aided residents with yard maintenance until the 6th of June, which was the final Thursday of courses at the school.

What a terrific concept! This effort is a win-win scenario for everyone concerned. Hopefully, this program will continue as part of the school curriculum for the years to come.