In the foster care system, not every child has the opportunity to live with their siblings.

Tre and Ke’lynn, two brothers who spent three and a half years in Child Protective Services custody, are acutely aware of this. It was a moment of immense anguish and pain for them to be placed in different foster homes.

Initially, the guys needed time apart to grieve from their experiences, but now that they’ve had that time apart, they’re eager to live together.

“I want to see him every day and I don’t,” Ke’lynn said WFAA as tears streamed down the back of his face.

At the age of 10, Tre and Ke’Lynn were introduced to Cynthia Izaguirre by WFAA anchor Cynthia Izaguirre in November 2017.

“You guys are just about all each other has anymore, right? So you want to make sure you’re with him, right?” Izaguirre questioned, to which the distraught Tre could only react by nodding as he began to weep.

The brothers and sisters realized they could depend on each other alone. However, they had no option but to accept a monthly visiting schedule.

Tre and Ke’lynn had a difficult time separating since they never wanted to see one other apart.

When Tre was asked by Izaguirre whether he had any wishes, the youngster gave a direct response.

He said “To live with him,” and went on.

The reporter reassured him, saying, “We’re gonna do our very very best to make sure that happens,”

One month later, after reading about the boys in Wednesday’s Child, a kind donor stepped forward.

To quote Dr. Robert Beck: “I was crying mostly because it just pulled at my heartstrings, and I felt an instant connection with the boys, and I said I’ve got to figure out a way to get these boys in my home and learn more about them,”  Dr. Robert Beck recounted after seeing the report.

Since then, Tre and Ke’lynn have shared a home with Beck, but it’s not a permanent arrangement. Their adoption could not proceed until all of the paperwork was completed.

A North Texas courthouse was Beck and the lads’ destination on July 18, 2018. The siblings were surprised to find that they were going to be adopted on the same day they were scheduled to take photographs!

“Guess what? As the boys sat on a pew, Beck said, Today’s adoption day,” Ke’lynn couldn’t disguise the wide grin on his face as Tre offered his father a hug.

Tre and Ke’lynn have waited a long time for this moment. Finally, they would be able to live together as a couple, exactly as they had always desired.

Minutes after the court officially declared the adoption final, “We got adopted today, and I feel good,” remarked Tre.

It had been seven months of agonizing separation for the two youngsters. Having a loving father, an elder brother, and a community of assistants, they will grow up as a happy family.

Tre and Ke’lynn are lucky to have been adopted by a loving father who will treat them well.

“Just being able to give them a forever home and know that they’re forever mine is just super special,” Beck said. “I love them. With all my heart.”

Upon being asked what would happen next, Tre responded with a broad grin and the words, “I go home.”

Beck adopted the brothers’ elder brother, who was also a Wednesday’s Child, after reading about him in the media. On Wednesday’s Child section, Beck adopted three children. Even after being adopted, he claimed it has always been his dream to adopt and provide the same unconditional love and acceptance to abandoned children that he had received.

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