As we go through a changeable life, most of us will probably have at least one or two experiences that we could attribute to a higher power.

You don’t even have to be sure that God exists to think that some things are too perfect or too coincidental to be the result of life just happening. This is similar to how we might feel about certain signs and clues we see in the world around us.

Alfredo Lo Brutto of Agropoli, Italy, took a picture of what he says is a “figure” above the sea. The picture has caused some debate online, with some people saying it looks just like the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alfredo told the Daily Mail: “I was fascinated by the view. I don’t frequently post images on social media, but I immediately got feelings when I took this one. I wanted other people to see it since it was so beautiful.”

The shot, snapped above the Tyrrhenian Sea, clearly has some similarities to the aforementioned monument, with some online now arguing the concept that it may be a symbol of some importance.

Others, though, are ready to refute the issue, saying that the look of the ‘figure’ is only fortuitous cloud formation profiting from the light offered by the water.

Although this isn’t the first time a picture has sparked a war of words, it’s fair to say that this one has a considerable amount of individuals on both sides.

Regardless, it’s a stunning image that wonderfully captures the splendor of the planet we live on.

Do you believe this may be a sign from higher beings? Or do you think that individuals are capable of creating something out of nil? We’d love to see your ideas in the comments section below!

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