It’s possible that the world may be a dreadful place sometimes. There is no doubt that bias is still a problem in our society, despite the fact that we seem to have improved our ability to critique it.

Individuals may now mistreat and assault others online while hiding behind the anonymity of a computer, thanks to social media. Perpetrators get away with crimes all too often, unfortunately.

According to one father, the trolls who criticized a video of his daughter eating her birthday cake were the target of a dad’s wrath. When a video was posted online showing Megan Gavin getting messy after eating her cake, the naysayers called her “Downie” and “retard” about her disability.

Credit: Facebook/Scott Gavin

However, Scott from Merseyside, England, was surprised when he shared the video to celebrate Megan’s first birthday. When he realized what had happened, his bewilderment quickly turned into outrage. He clearly wants to find out more about these people.

In the end, though, he decided not to let some idiot frustrate him and ruin his baby’s day after sitting and reflecting for a few hours. In response, he has decided that he would now use his newfound knowledge to educate the ignorant. He intends to bring joy by sharing pictures of Megan on social media.

Credit: Facebook/Scott Gavin

Commenters on the video complained that “you’re wasting cake on a child too stupid to know what it is” while “kids in Africa are starving.”

According to Scott, a father of five, he’s heard similar tales from other parents of challenged children. When he said that they hear this from moms, he said it’s heartbreaking. Because of this, he doesn’t know why others see them differently.

Scott’s not the only one in this situation. It annoys him that individuals who insult others because they are different because they are concealed behind a computer screen may get away with it.

Cowards don’t speak out of fear of reprisal; those who do are just stupid and devoid of any sense of reality.

There are no words to show how happy we are for Megan on her first birthday.

Please share this story with the world to wish Megan a happy birthday and to call out anybody who mocked her.