It was a heartbreaking experience for an old woman who had lost her son. She had no idea that the young child next door, waving at her from the window, could mend her shattered heart so effectively.

The epidemic has had an unusual influence on our relationships. During lockdowns, many of us felt alienated and separated from our communities, and this was particularly true.

On the other hand, those who lived with us may benefit from more time together. At times, some strange yet strong friendships were forged during this challenging period in our history.


Even though she was 99 years old and had lost her husband, Mary O’Neill lived alone in 2021 with her 2-year-old grandson Benjamin who hadn’t been able to make any friends while remaining inside with his family next door while they were away at school. A statement from the mother, Sarah Olson:

He had no contact with other children for more than a year.” Our family and Mary were the only ones he interacted with.”

These two people, one on each side of the barrier, became good friends. It wasn’t long before they played side-by-side activities, such as sitting on separate porches and blowing bubbles.


In addition to bringing O’Neill pebbles or sand as presents, Benjamin and O’Neill devised a game called “cane ball” that they both loved.

As part of the game, O’Neill would swing her cane over the fence and return the ball to the youngster.

Their bond became so strong that the widow felt compelled to offer her new friend a sincere present in appreciation for the thoughtful pebbles and sand she had provided.

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From the depths of one’s soul:

The old woman happened to be lugging a large laundry basket full of vehicles from her home for her young companion. According to Benjamin’s mother,

In Mary’s telling, “Benjamin would love these trucks.”

Nobody knew that these toys belonged to her deceased child. They also taught the youngster about the different hues.

Eventually, when the area got safer, the barrier between them could be breached, finally allowing these two buddies to have some fun without being constrained.

She added that O’Neill, who is almost 100 years old, has become one of Sarah’s closest friends and a source of inspiration.

This lovely connection between the two proves that no barriers, whether walls or just the passage of time, can stand in the way of real friendship.

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Even outside of their backyards, this elderly woman and her 2-year-old companion continue to form strange ties. Another elderly lady and a young guy in his 30s struck a great friendship.

Chris Salvatore encouraged Norma Cook to move in with him so that he could take care of her in her last days of life.

They originally became friends by exchanging waves across the corridor from one other’s flats, as O’Neill and Benjamin did. Their friendship blossomed as soon as they shared some bubbly.

Cook was diagnosed with leukemia a few years into their acquaintance and elected to quit therapy, her life expectancy being reduced to an estimated two months. She required round-the-clock attention.

While watching the news and sipping champagne together, Salvatore became her full-time caregiver, refusing to allow anybody to place her in a care facility. Sadly, she died away in February of this year.

Neither of these old women nor the teachings they may be trying to impart via their experiences is capable of being represented by us. The relationships you form with the people around you, no matter how unconventional, are what actually important as time goes on.

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