It was McDonald’s time for the teachers to eat, and one of them saw a guy among the crowd. After eavesdropping, one of them took a picture of him performing what he was doing. Her last words to him before she left: “I hope you’re aware you’re going viral.” She was correct.

Amanda Craft, a special education teacher in Noblesville, Indiana, was having lunch with a group of colleagues at McDonald’s. The ladies spotted an old lady and a young guy sitting at a table together. The ladies were drawn to the pair because they were so different from one another. Amanda figured out what was going on after listening to the chat between the two. As a result, she took a picture.

With her thoughts racing as she watched Eric Haralson and his elderly companion, Amanda decided to say something to him just before she left the house. That’s what she said, knowing she had an image on her phone that could help make it happen. He initially thought she was joking, but after she posted it on social media, she proved her point.

Amanda subsequently stated that the old woman “seemed a bit lonely” when she approached Eric Haralson, a stranger, and asked if she might sit with him. Amanda disclosed in the picture that “this gentleman answered, ‘of course,'” without hesitation.

Initiating “Congratulations to this individual!” ‘My friends and I saw him introduce himself and shake her hand,’ Amanda added. They shared jokes and joked around as if they were old friends. They had never met before and couldn’t be more unlike. We were moved by the fact that they were able to sit down and have dinner together today.

Eric Haralson, as we now know, was the man who showed Amanda that “there is good” by encouraging others to do the same. It worked out just as Amanda expected, with Eric Haralson and his old partner, who goes by the name “Jan,” becoming online celebrities.

No one wants to eat alone; Eric said to Inside Edition, “so she asked if we could have a little talk.” When she inquired about sitting with him, he replied, “No, not at all.” He then proceeded to clear a spot for her to sit. The rest is, as they say, history.

As a result of the picture’s popularity on social networking platforms, WTHR got in touch with Amanda and her fellow teachers, who had also seen what happened. “She put her things down and then asked if she could eat lunch with him. He was great. “His smile just made the whole room bright,” Amanda said.

“I’m not sure what she said to him, but he just began laughing, and it was like an infectious laugh,” Amanda said further. “Like that belly laugh that you can’t help but laugh along with.” It was incredibly poignant, uplifting, and just plain entertaining to witness.”

Coworkers concurred. A heartwarming moment was seen by Amy Meyering and Amber Miller, both of whom stated they were grateful to have been part of it. Teachers in special education like seeing individuals reach out and ensure they are welcoming. She answered, “You do a wonderful kind deed, and it seems that way.” However, it wasn’t only the instructors who were affected by the event.

Jan, Eric’s new acquaintance, was “really great” and “could fill a whole crowd with her comedy,” according to Eric. He intended to see her soon; she lived in an apartment not far from where they sat. As Eric Haralson described his lunch companion, “he is a really spiritual guy.” Sundays are a special day for her since she attends church. “She insisted that you should be kind to everyone.” As though by being polite to one another, she and Eric have unintentionally taught the whole nation that lesson, it appears.