After the death of their three children in a plane disaster, a man and his wife considered quitting their relationship, but they decided against it. Their lives would be saved years later when they received a gift. They have made a full recovery, and here is the account of how they did it.

One time, Marite Norris and her husband debated leaping to their deaths to alleviate the agony they felt. For years, the couple had been the proud parents of three wonderful children, but one day they got the devastating news that all three had died away.

They must have been in such much misery that they were nearly tempted to join their children. They didn’t do it out of self-interest because they didn’t want anybody else to feel their pain. Those are their words.


Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, 8, were returning to Perth with their paternal grandfather, Nick Norris, while their parents remained in the Netherlands to finalize some paperwork. Because of it, the parents were able to keep their children safe from the catastrophe that befell them all.

And then Rin and Maz reminisced about their “phenomenal” time together as a family in the Netherlands after the kids had gone home, promising that they’d see them again soon. Their luck was about to alter tremendously, although they didn’t realize it at the time.

While at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Rin’s father, Nick, put Rin and her siblings onto Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, which left on schedule at 12:31 p.m. local time on July 17, 2014.

Watchtower lost communication with the jet after one hour and thirty minutes of flight near Eastern Ukraine. Debris began falling down 90 seconds later on the Ukrainian town of Hrabove’s wheat and sunflower fields.

It was just after midnight when a phone call from Maz’s assistant, who was inconsolable, asked whether their children had been on the aircraft. To see images of the devastation, the guy went to Google.

Shots were fired at the plane, bringing it down. It shattered Maz, and he dropped to the ground in agony as a result of it. On hearing what had transpired, his wife came downstairs.


Mo got 53 stamps in his passport by the time he was a toddler, while Evie had 31.

They had a good time. After working for years as a stockbroker, Maz became an investor in sustainability-focused start-ups. Rin worked in London’s theatrical scene as a makeup artist.

While their father built the world’s first solar-powered water purification and bottling facility, their children grew up in a rural Muslim village. The parents’ goal was to expose their children to a broad range of cultures and lifestyles.

Mother and daughter were both sympathetic and artistic, with Evie being more laid back and interested in sports than her father. The family’s youngest Otis was a whirlwind of activity who adored climbing trees.


It was difficult for Maz and Rin to adjust to the absence of their children in their Scarborough house, and they dreaded being alone when they returned. Fortunately, they had the support of family and friends to help them cope with the loss of a loved one.

Two bereaved parents received sympathy from the Australian community as well. At another game, the Fremantle Dockers paid homage to the children.

Maz’s father’s and three children’s corpses took some time to be recognized. They travelled to the Netherlands three months after that to bring them back.

After some time passed, the couple had to face the unpleasant reality that their children were no longer with them. In time, they learned to cope with their PTSD and started to move on.

They wanted compassion at first, but as time went on, they grew to despise the pitying glances they received from others.


Another kid was given to Maz and Rin in 2016 as a gift from their deceased children. The couple had contemplated having a family, but they weren’t sure how a child would handle the tragedy that had occurred before it was born.

Violet May Maslin was born on May 10, 2016, and they were certain they would be parents again if their three late children wished it so.

Violet’s parents had been too concerned, but it turned out they had been overly optimistic. Maz had this to say about it:

The fact that I’m the father of four lovely children makes me a blessed man in any language. The fact that three of them aren’t visible does not imply that they aren’t there.

Asked whether the loss of their three children is impacting the couple’s relationship, Rin said:

“We are very grateful that Mo, Evie, and Otis came into our lives and taught us so much.” That Violet has come into our lives to help re-establish our status as parents and to provide us pleasure and hope is a true blessing.”

Despite the tragedy that befell them, things seem to have grown better for the couple in light of their gift of life.