Even though Jerry Windle was a single homosexual guy, he had the simple goal of being a parent to a kid. He had no clue that his kid would one day serve as a source of motivation for others all around the world when he adopted Jordan in Cambodia.

Jerry Windle was a single man in his mid-30s whose life was in turmoil about two decades ago. His mother had died, so he decided to change careers and go to Florida from California.

For a long time, he’d dreamed about being a parent. He had wanted to adopt a kid for a long time, but there were few adoption options for a single, homosexual guy. While he waited for his doctor’s appointment in Florida, he casually perused an article from a magazine that would permanently alter the course of his life.

Despite the obstacles he had encountered seeking to adopt, the magazine article portraying another single homosexual man’s adoption story rekindled lost hope.”


He called the orphanage in Cambodia right away. His path to parenthood began months later when he finally made it to Cambodia. He met baby Jordan while he was there and instantly fell in love with her. Two-year-old Jordan weighed only 16 pounds at the time.

Jerry didn’t even know how long Jordan would live. “I told him that I would do all in my power to ensure that he would never have to suffer again.” “As a dad, I would make every sacrifice I could to give him every chance,” Jerry remarked.


When Jordan was seven, he discovered a passion for scuba diving. Jerry agreed to let him pursue his new hobby and arranged for him to attend a summer camp where he could take swimming lessons.

Only two years later, he won his first junior national title, a remarkable achievement that solidified his love of diving.

In order to improve his diving abilities, Jordan worked tirelessly. He returned to Cambodia, where he was born, at the age of 16, to take part in a diving demonstration. The youngsters he inspired even had the opportunity to meet him.

Jerry was unable to witness his kid participate owing to covid-19 constraints. But it didn’t deter Jordan.

As Jordan put it, “It was amazing to be able to talk to them via a translator and tell where I came from and how my dad helped me become who I am today.”


Jordan enthusiastically represented the United States of America in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, six years after the life-changing event of returning to Cambodia.

He also said that Cambodia will be represented in his heart. He got the Cambodian flag tattooed on his bicep and was eager to show it off.

Jordan has participated in the Olympic trials twice but did not qualify. He finished second in the 10-meter platform dive on his third attempt.

Jordan wants to make use of this chance to influence others. “There will be a lot more people, a lot more eyes on me,” he added, “but if anything, it only makes me thrilled to be able to perform at my best and demonstrate that all of this hard work will hopefully pay off.”

Unfortunately, Jerry was unable to see his son participate owing to Covid-19 limitations. Jordan, on the other hand, was unfazed. Seddon’s Olympic vacation was unaffected. Jordan stated:

The absence of his presence does not alter the purpose of my trip: to have fun, show off a little, and put on a show for the audience. That’s my goal, and I hope I can make dad proud in the process.”

An Orphan No More: The True Story of a Boy” was co-authored by the father and son combo. As a family-friendly read, the book depicted the strength of love via animal characters.

Forever, Jordan’s life was altered by Jerry’s pledge to provide all the opportunities possible for his kid. Jordan’s tenacity and will to succeed are an inspiration to us all.

Despite his sadness at missing the Olympics, he is pleased with his son’s achievements.

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