Emily, now 40, was determined to discover the kid she had abandoned when she was younger, so she did a DNA test to find a match. Finally, there was one, and a few days later, she received an odd email. He delivered the most surprising news she had ever heard.

“Jacob, do you believe this will work?” The DNA testing kit that Emily and her husband had bought online had not yet arrived when Emily inquired. Emily would undergo a DNA test to find out if there was a match. She was searching for a particular individual: her son.

Emily became pregnant at the age of 19, and her boyfriend fled away. The greatest option for her child was to be placed for adoption when she realized she couldn’t provide him with a happy life.

She met Jacob a few years later, and he urged her to locate her son when they agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.

Unfortunately, the adoption agency had strict rules regarding closed adoption and would not provide them with any information other than the fact that a wonderful family had adopted him. Emily was relieved but wondered if giving him up was the right decision.

Jacob and Emily married and had twin boys when they were 13 years old. They hoped to find Emily’s grown child now that they were in their 40s. Perhaps he was also looking for her, and it would be simple for him to find her. They’d heard of people finding biological relatives through DNA testing databases, so they figured it was worth a shot.


“It’s the greatest option we have right now, honey,” Jacob said as they followed the instructions and took the DNA sample.

After a few weeks, they received the results, and the name of Matthew Douglas surfaced. They could locate his email address in the database but could not get a hold of him. On Facebook, they were able to track down a person who seemed to be the son of Emily. They sent him another message, but this time there was no response.

“I believe we have to stop. I’m in the database now, and he can probably see me there. So if he wants to contact, he’ll write,” Emily said to Jacob one night after he attempted to encourage her to send another email.

“If you think that’s best, sweetie. But don’t lose hope. He can be busy with college or employment. He’ll write when he can,” her husband consoled, and Emily nodded, hoping he was right.

Shockingly, Emily received a ping on her phone a few days after that chat. It was her email app. The name of the sender was not incredibly recognizable. Richard. But his last name stated “Douglas.” Could it be? Maybe, he didn’t go by Matthew. She hastened to read the message.

Hello! My name is Richard Douglas, and I just found out that you’ve been sending emails and messages to my son, Matthew. I would want to meet with you. There’s something I need to say.

Emily was in disbelief. Matthew’s father was the one who made the call. It’s hard to imagine what he might possibly say to her. It’s possible that he was trying to get her to quit reaching out to him. She instantly dialled Jacob’s number and informed him of the situation.

Yes, you must respond and say so Honey.” Her husband reassured her, “We have to know what he has to say, no matter what,” and she totally agreed.

Richard Douglas resided in San Francisco, a surprising distance from Emily and Jacob’s home in Fresno, California. When they got there, they met in a café on the way. As soon as he spotted them, he sprung to his feet and widened his eyes. A beautiful lady sat next to him, and when she saw Emily, she seemed startled. She became teary-eyed and put her palm to her lips.

When Emily came to a halt in front of them, Jacob took her hand and smiled encouragingly. Richard eventually got up and said, “Hello, it’s very lovely to meet you. Sorry about our outbursts. This is not intentional,” he said.

Her grin had lost its awkwardness, and Emily’s eyes were filling with tears as a result. “Is that what he’s saying?” That’s fantastic news. In addition, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Richard introduced Sarah, his wife and Matthew’s mother, with a hand gesture.

All of them returned to their seats when Sarah rose, shook their hands, and then sat down again. “Okay, that’s okay. Prior to anything else, Richard and I were both curious as to why you were searching for Matthew,” he said.

“Well, I’ve been searching for him for a long time.” The adoption agency wouldn’t assist since it was a closed adoption, so I began after I handed him up. It’s comforting to know that wonderful folk adopted him. When Emily asked him whether he had been fine all these years, she clasped her hands on the table and said, “I’m just curious.”

Sarah then spoke out after Richard had nodded. “Well, we’d want to thank you for Matthew,” we said. When he was born, we were the happiest parents alive. Having him around was such a treat. It was all because of you, she said.

This is wonderful to hear — but, uh, “Was?” Emily noticed Sarah’s usage of the past tense and halted for a moment.

After taking a long breath, Richard said, “That’s what we wanted to speak to you about.” A few months ago, Matthew died away. For several years, he had been fighting cancer. It’s back, and it’s not good. For the bone marrow transplant, we were looking for you. Hence, his inclusion in the DNA repository. But we ran out of time,” he says.

“No,” Emily said quietly as tears welled up in her eyes and poured forth. Jacob wrapped his arms around her as she shook her head. “I could have aided him!”

“Are you sure?” her spouse said.

“Unfortunately, it is the case. But, in fact, Emily. It was a long chance that the transplant would work. The doctor was pessimistic. It’s not been easy. But I know my Matthew would be overjoyed that we met you. He was looking forward to seeing his biological parents. It kept him going for a while, but this cancer… well, it’s the worst thing in the world,” Sarah sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

They all sobbed as quietly as they could in that public area until Emily inquired. “Would you mind telling me more about him?”

Sarah and Richard shared many wonderful things about their kid, so her inquiry brightened the tone. Sarah took out her phone and showed them photographs of him. Emily and Jacob also discussed their twins and how much they resembled Matthew.

Emily was invited to Matthew’s cemetery by the Douglases so she could say her last farewell to her son. Although they returned to their individual lives after that, they remained close friends who often spoke through email. When Richard and Sarah finally met the twins, they handed them some of Matthew’s old belongings.

Emily expressed her gratitude to them for loving and caring for her biological kid when she couldn’t. She no longer regretted her choice to abandon him and recognized that parents come in a variety of forms, but nothing else counts as long as there is love.

What can we glean from this narrative?

A family is formed by love, not by blood. Families may be formed in a variety of ways, none of which are based just on genetics.

Adoption may be a life-changing choice. No one should feel guilty about choosing not to raise their children if they are incapable of doing so. Someone out there wants to give that child a loving home.

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