When a friend requested a couple to be temporary foster parents for her daughter, they never expected to wind up adopting her. The youngster had been through a lot and was now at a place where he or she could feel secure.

Families with joyful, loving, and supporting members are a fundamental human right. Kids may suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally as a result of their parent’s inability to provide enough supervision. Little Maci Jones had a similar life experience.

Maci was a cute and vivacious youngster who enjoyed dancing and going to the beach. Her life, however, took a severe turn, leaving her in a dreadful state. Stevie Wallace, her then-boyfriend, called her mother on September 20, 2017.


When Maci’s mother went back to work in Florida, she left her daughter with Wallace in a rented property in south Indian River County. After a fight between Wallace’s kid and Macy, Wallace told her that Macy had been bruised.

Macy’s health continued to deteriorate as time went on. She was so worn out that she vomited. When Sarah and Wallace finally managed to get her to Indian River Medical Center, what the physicians had to say to her broke her to her core.

Even though a battle between two toddlers had left Macy with bruises, it turned out that they were not the cause of her injuries. She was left with serious brain swelling and eye injuries. Her brain had bled to the point that doctors considered it inoperable.


Adult-inflicted trauma caused Maci’s injuries, according to child protection team physician Dr David Walter. According to him, it was like a three-story fall or being flung out of an overturned car.

For the following two months, the couple cared for maci, and her health magically improved.

According to Walters, there’s a good chance the girl’s brain cells will keep dying. Maci was transferred to St. Mary’s Medical Center’s Palm Beach Children’s Hospital for treatment. She was in severe condition and had to undergo a number of operations.


According to court filings, she was severely bruised throughout, had a punctured lung, and had brain damage in addition to a cut on her face. Deputies also discovered several contradictions in Wallace’s account of his son’s altercation with Macy.

On January 17, 2018, Wallace was charged with severe child abuse and jailed without bail in the county prison. When Maci’s mother juggled employment, eviction procedures, and an investigation at the state child welfare agency, she found it difficult to care for her daughter.

After that, she contacted her friends, the Joneses, and asked them to take in her daughter for a short period of time as a foster family. Indian River County Captain Darin Jones, 55, was a retired officer with over 30 years of service.


Until Maci’s mother contacted him and his wife, Lisa Jones, about starting a restaurant in downtown Vero Beach, the Joneses were initially unaware of the whole circumstances. When Maci awoke from her coma one month later, they were there to greet her. Darin revealed the following:

“All you had to do was stare into the baby’s eyes. She’s on the ground, defenceless and vulnerable. … My eyes welled up with tears. “How can you treat a young girl like that?”

For the following two months, the couple cared for Maci, and her health miraculously improved. Darin and Lisa chose to adopt Maci after discovering that her unmarried and inexperienced parents could not adequately care for her.


On August 15, 2018, Maci was formally adopted by the Joneses. Her adoptive parents relished the task of caring for her. Darin even went so far as to sell his business so that he could pay for her medical care and counselling sessions. The father of the joyful child said:

It’s “the finest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Physical and speech therapy, as well as sign language, were part of Maci’s treatment plan. Suffered from a lack of vision and hearing and a limited ability to talk and walk.

TC Palm’s Facebook post regarding Maci’s adoption received a lot of attention from the public. | TCPalm Facebook page

However, after meeting Darin and Lisa, she began to thrive and relish vacations and decadent treats alike. The Joneses gave little Maci a second shot at life. There aren’t enough individuals like them in the world.

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