Every kid is a gift to the world, and every parent recognizes this.

2006 brought Amanda and Michael Biggs the incredible delight of having their twin daughters. Obviously, it was the happiest day of their lives, and they eagerly anticipated the future and all that it had in store for them.

Nevertheless, there was a slew of twists and turns in store for the tale of Millie and Marcia. Their parents started to observe a gradual change in the hue of one of the twins’ skin over time.

The tops of Millie’s fingers started to discolour at first. Ears quickly caught up. After a few months of this, her whole body became darker in tone.

Marcia’s, on the other hand, started to fade. In an interracial relationship, colour has never been an issue for Amanda and Michael. Even yet, the Birmingham, UK, area has a history of racial animosity, so they had to think about how others would see their daughters.

It wasn’t long before the parents discovered the source of their daughters’ transformations: a disorder known as an atavism, which is highly unusual.

It’s thought to impact just one in every million sets of identical twins because of the genetic differences between their parents.

Now, although Amanda and Michael were relieved to learn that Millie and Marcia would be unaffected by the disease, others were perplexed when they saw them.

When Amanda would take the girls out in a stroller, people would ask her how they could be twins. Because of their different skin tones, a teacher once suspected FaithTap of lying and accused her of deception.

Parents Amanda and Michael are glad that people, in general, are more inquisitive than prejudiced, and they couldn’t be more proud of their daughters.

Credit: Facebook/Marietta, Georgia Police Department

Despite their fondness for music and dancing, Millie and Marcia claim to have never encountered bigotry.

The twins are now adolescents and attend the same high school, despite the fact that they’ve grown apart. National Geographic commissioned a campaign urging 11-year-olds with Down syndrome to utilize their situation to fight bigotry throughout the world.

As always, we must strive to create a society free of racism. It’s absurd to think that in 2020, individuals may still be evaluated and mistreated based on the colour of their skin.

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