There were a few days when he couldn’t make it to school because of severe snowfall, but he never missed a single day of school because of sickness or injury.

A youngster in Ohio has never missed a single day of school since kindergarten, making him or her one of the few people in the world with a flawless attendance record. Over the course of six years, Blake Wolfe attended Westlake High School in Ohio, spending an estimated 2,184 days there.

There were, of course, certain days when he was unable to attend school because of severe snowfall. In spite of this, he never missed a single day of work because of an illness or accident. Blake’s parents, David and Dana Wolfe, said that their healthy son is a major factor in their son’s high school attendance.

In addition, he was a happy student who did well in all of his classes. At Fox 8, Blake spoke about his desire to skip school on occasion but also addressed the people in his life that encouraged him to stay on track. I wanted to stay home so often, but my parents always pushed me to go to school so that I could see my friends again; it simply made everything better,” he stated in the interview.

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He always arrived at school well-prepared. At school, he was a drum majorette in marching band and an all-state performer in both track and hoops. Meanwhile, he continued to take courses in disciplines like math and history that were very interesting to him. His mother, Dana Wolfe, is pleased with his accomplishments. “Blake is an admirably decent youngster. He was aware of how important school was to us and that we expected him to go every day, “she said.

Because Blake had never missed a day of school in his previous twelve years, the pandemic made life incredibly tough for him. Because schools were forced to shut down, the young guy was unable to study effectively.

Despite the break, he was never tempted to neglect his studies. “The worst thing was not seeing my friends, but I got through it. There was just one year remaining, and there was no need to quit now. It simply goes to demonstrate how dedicated I am to my studies and how important they are to me, “He said.

The fact that Blake has spent so much time in school makes him sorry to go, but he can’t wait to break even more records at university. Blake is receiving financial aid to attend Bluffton University.

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