For most of us, getting petrol for our cars is an unpleasant but unavoidable aspect of life. When a young guy in front of her volunteered to pay for her gas, one Memphis lady couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Olivia Jennings was about to pay for her gas when she struck up a conversation with the two young guys in line ahead of her.

While waiting in line, “I saw two young males who were laughing and cutting up, so I decided to join in; we had a nice time,” she recalls.

When I saw how much orange juice they were purchasing, I made fun of them.

Credit: YouTube

As a result of their cordial conversation, one of the guys insisted on picking up Olivia’s gas bill.

As a joke, I took out my credit card and said, ‘Oh, that’s OK, I got it. ‘” ‘No, ma’am, I’d want to purchase your petrol,’ he responded.”OK,” I said.

The young guy then offered Olivia $20 to pay for her petrol. The startled mother wanted to share her story with others to show that there are lovely young people in Memphis.

She snapped a photo with him and captioned it, “This young guy just purchased my gas,” on Facebook. I want to know more about the young people in Memphis.”

Credit: YouTube

Her post received hundreds of likes and shares.

“It was just fantastic for everyone to come together and say, ‘yeah, you are correct, Memphis has excellent young,'” Olivia remarked. “Whatever you say, we’ve got them. They’re all over the place.”

Olivia expressed her admiration for the kind teen and said how pleasant it was to meet him.

As lovely as it is to experience, sharing with others is much better. I hope that the young guy, who was never found, receives the same treatment he gave Olivia that day.

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