When Zikhaya Sithole and a buddy were heading home from the supermarket, the sounds of a lady screaming stopped them dead in their tracks.

Running toward the screaming, the 38-year-old Orange Farm resident saw a mother standing outside her burning house in South Africa’.

They were in the house, she yelled.

According to the Daily Sun, Zikhaya added, “That’s when I put my hat over my face and dashed into the flames.”

Credit: Daily Sun

The hut was on fire, and the only occupants were two infant boys, aged one and two.

Inside the hut, I heard the children’s cries as soon as I entered. When he tried to return for the other kid, the flames were too powerful, so he snatched the one on the bed and rushed away.

After returning home, he discovered that he had been hurt.

As a result of his injuries, Zikhaya cannot return to his previous profession as a welder.

Credit: Daily Sun

I never regretted my decision to enter the hut, nevertheless.” I’ve saved a child’s life with my actions. He regretted that he couldn’t rescue them both.

Despite her horror, his companion Mapaseka Monareng phoned his family and the emergency services while helping him remove his garments, according to Monareng.

A child’s life is a price Zikhaya Sithole is willing to pay to save.

“I am proud of him,” she stated of his accomplishments.

Credit: za.opera.news

President of African Covenant, Dr Convy Baloyi, expressed their admiration for Zikhaya’s courage.

“In a culture where males are denigrated, Zikhaya defied the odds to rescue children from a raging fire. We will accompany him on his path to recovery. The only thing we can provide is our time,” she added, “but we’ll work with him.”

A global campaign to generate money

As a result of this, a group of people in Zikhaya’s neighbourhood have come together to put in a nomination for the Mendi Decoration for Courage, which is given to persons who have shown remarkable bravery.

Zikhaya has received local thanks from the family of the two boys he saved, and now there is a drive to launch global fundraising to assist him in recovering from his ordeal.

A kid is alive today due to this guy’s acts, who went above and beyond the call of duty to save these infants.

He’s a hero and deserves all the support he can get.

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