A 23-year-old Malawian lady has volunteered to raise 37 children, the majority of whom were not her own children. They presently all live in a tiny home, but she has devised a cunning plan to make room for everyone.

Most people find it difficult to raise a single child because of the steep learning curve that comes with it. Taking care of two children, particularly if they were born at the same time, is a major undertaking.

Take 37 children, ranging in age from 5 months to 16 years, then multiply that by 37. Tusayiwe Mkhondya, a Tiktok user, leads such a life, and she does so voluntarily, as she should.


She is amazing and she is now back in school

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Taking care of so many children may be difficult, but Mkhondya has discovered a solution. Recently, a 23-year-old TikTok user has been praised for her compassionate lifestyle after posting a viral video.

She led her viewers on a quick tour of the location that all 37 children, as well as herself, call home in the video clip, which has racked up more than a million views on the app that allows users to share videos. The first area she showed was the living room, which had uncomplicated furniture and a television on the smaller side.


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Only a handful of the children would have been able to fit in the room at once, despite the pleasant sensations it gave off. Afterwards, she used the opportunity to show visitors a room where the youngsters spend their nights.

There was just a little difference in size between the living room and the guest room. It had four sturdy bunks, each with a well-made bed and a blanket over it. Additionally, a chair and a baby cot were available for individuals who didn’t want to sleep.

The space seemed to be well-ventilated, with multiple windows and no doors, allowing for just enough cross-ventilation. The second room she exhibited featured pink drapes made of a light material that gave the space a warm pink glow when the light was filtered through.


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The room included two little seats, a table hidden away in the corner, and a small bed next to a king-sized one. There was a little pink monitor on the table in the second room, which resembled the first.

Several medium-sized fabric baskets and luggage boxes seemed to be heaped with garments against a wall. On another wall were a few learning aids for young children to help them succeed in school.


I hope one day when we starting building the hostels we will have a laundry room.

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After some time, a caption appeared on screen, revealing one of Mkhondya’s fantasies. That she hoped that they would be able to expand and also add additional street kids, orphans, and abandoned newborns to the increasing list, they already had.

It was the tiniest chamber yet that Mkhondya has shown viewers in the brief movie. Two little beds could be put side by side, but there wouldn’t be enough space for them to move. In addition to the table and chairs, there was a bigger monitor facing the children’s bed.

One of Mkhondya’s rooms had instructive wallpapers, including one depicting the male anatomy and another showing each letter of the alphabet in pictorial form. The fanciest room in the film belonged to the unselfish lady at the end. It featured the largest television and what seemed to be a game system.


Hope this year we will start building hostels🙏it’s not easy but I am just hoping for the better

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Many of the students sat on the chairs in front of the monitor, and it wasn’t hard to see that they had a good time. One of the little rooms had two medium-sized beds with many teddies on them, which indicated that it may have been a girls’ room.

Even though things weren’t easy, Mkhondya admitted that things would get better this year and expressed optimism that things would improve for the better in the future.


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In the past, Mkhondya’s Tiktok videos have gone viral. When she showed the kids her morning routine last month, they were all amazed at how difficult it appeared.

At 4 a.m., she starts preparing all the food and beverages the kids will consume for the rest of their day. Sandwiches, hot meals, and juice boxes were all on the menu.

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On camera, Mkhondya explains that she is the sole one in charge of preparing meals for the younger children and that they all have morning tasks. Her night shift begins at 7 p.m. with the newborns who wake up to be fed; nevertheless, bedtime for the older children begins at that time. She retorted:

In addition to feeding and changing their diapers, “I must also prepare for work and the following day.”


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Mkhondya began her career as a caregiver at the age of 18 after becoming a single mother at the age of 18. Soon after, she founded a non-profit organization called “You Are Not Alone” (YANA) and has been taking in children as they arrive.

Since the beginning of June, she has had 33 children, but that number has continued to rise. Thirty-seven youngsters are now under her watchful eye. She remarked,”

There aren’t any orphaned children here.” Even though they have two biological parents, some children are orphaned by one or both of them.

No doubt, the children she has taken care of will never forget her sacrifices, as she has been lauded for them by her Tiktok fans.