Cassandra Ridder brought up her son Brody from school on May 24, and he wasn’t his usual cheerful self.

Cassandra, 31, said that the sixth-grader preferred to listen to music rather than chat about his day. She questioned him about his yearbook to lighten the situation.

The mom had gotten an email earlier that day alerting her that pupils would be bringing their class yearbooks home. She was interested in whether Brody had received a large number of signatures.

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However, when she brought it up, her kid became quite upset. “No, Mom, no one really signed my yearbook; I asked them, and they either said no or claimed they would do it later, that they were too busy for me,” he said.

Cassandra’s heart sunk as Brody, 12, handed back his yearbook. Except for a few notes from his professors and the names of two classmates, the page was almost empty.

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Brody had filled in the blanks with a letter to himself that read, “Hope you meet some more pals,” before signing his own name.

“I attempted to cheer him up,” Cassandra said. “I reminded him that it may have simply been a busy day and that he should give folks the benefit of the doubt.” I assured him that things would improve, that he should keep hopeful, and that I would always be his buddy.”

Cassandra described her son’s interests as chess, dinosaurs, and fencing. However, he eats alone during lunch and plays alone during the break. His classmates are unable to connect to his hobbies.

“He’s brilliant, and kids his age have a hard time bonding to him,” she added.

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The other kids also mock Brody because his ears protrude, and he is exceedingly slender. Cassandra claims that the youngster cries to her “very much every day” due to the bullying.

Cassandra has worked with the school to attempt to put an end to the bullying, harassment, and taunting that Brody has endured this year.

Cassandra hit her breaking point after learning what happened to Brody’s yearbook. That night, she sent a message to parents on the school’s Facebook page.

She wanted to inform the other parents about what was happening at school and urge them to speak to their children about being nice to one another.

“Oh, my boy. It doesn’t seem like anything is improving. He had two professors and two pupils sign his yearbook. Despite Brody asking a variety of children to sign it, Brody decided to write a letter to himself as a result. My heart is broken. Teach compassion to your children.

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Despite her disbelief, Cassandra got a random text from Brody the next day.

A snapshot of his yearbook covered with signatures and notes with the remark, “Facebook this.”

“Brody — you are the most generous young boy. So many people adore you. Disregard what the young people around you are saying.

I told you not to change, and I told you not to put your head down.

My thoughts are with you this summer, Brody! “You’re worth it, and you’re significant!”

It’s a pleasure to meet you. “Stay in that state.”

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Eighth-graders and even eleventh-graders have written to Brody. Some people have even left their cell phones in plain view so that the child can reach them if necessary.

‘This is the nicest day ever,’ Brody remarked to Cassandra.’

Students who had previously refused to sign his yearbook were now “queuing up” to sign their names and write remarks.

Paul Rudd, a well-known actor, was among the celebrities who learned of Brody’s plight and reached out to him.

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Actors are known for sending thoughtful gifts to their fans. Now the two are even exchanging text messages.

“Dear Brody, I’m sorry to hear that.” My conversation with you the other day was a pleasure. It’s crucial to remember that even when things are difficult, they will improve. In my opinion, you’re the best child in the world, and I’m one of the many individuals who think so. What a great person you are, and I can’t wait to watch what you do.” a note said.

As a result of all that’s transpired, Brody is more confident and thrilled about seventh grade.

According to Cassandra, the youngster is on “cloud nine.”