19-year-old Rhys Langford began collecting money for Jacob Jones’s neuroblastoma therapy. When he heard he only had months to live, he used the time he had left raising money to help another youngster with cancer.

Rather than contemplate his own death when doctors informed Rhys Langford he only had months to live because of his bone cancer, he started collecting money for a six-year-old kid named Jacob Jones.

Credit: gofundme.com

Neuroblastoma had been found to be the cause of Jones’ death. After a year of being cancer-free, his family spotted worrisome lumps and rushed him to the hospital last month. Even though Langford had never met the little kid, he was struck by his plight.

‘Jacob’s Story’ was discovered by Rhys. Rhys’ mother, Catherine, recalls that when he summoned her from upstairs, she found him sobbing in his bed as he read the tale. For the 6-year-old osteosarcoma patient’s treatment in the United States, he opted to donate £1,000 ($1,355.96) of his life savings to a fund.

Then he added, ‘Mum, I would want to make a donation to him. His illness began when he was two years old and hadn’t let up since. ‘It would make my day if someone came to his aid.’ As Catherine described her dying son, “I couldn’t believe he was thinking about someone else while he was on the verge of death himself.”

Credit: gofundme.com

The adolescent didn’t stop there, however. He even went so far as to create a crowdfunding website for Jones’ medical care, which has already garnered more than £63,000 ($85,425). “His kind donations will support Jacob’s battle further. £60,000 during the previous several weeks. Just wonderful,” said portrait-maker Nathan Wyburn as he gave Rhys his creation.

“Reading about Jacob’s battle with cancer and his subsequent recurrence has left me deeply moved. Rhys said on the online crowdfunding campaign: “I realize nothing can be done for me now, but as one of my many final wishes, I would want to support Jacob and help him battle this dreadful cancer.”

Rhys died shortly after, though, as a result of a tragic accident. “My warrior, my hero, my son, my baby, has given up his struggle,” Rhys’ mother said in homage to her son. Around 7 p.m. last evening, he put down his sword and died quietly in his bed, surrounded by his loved ones.

A person’s courage and kindness are inseparable. Taking care of others comes first, and that is the purest kind of happiness. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with Jacob because of Rhys’s unselfish gesture. The family of Jacob is in our thoughts and prayers, and we join them in their struggle.

Christ is the source of our greatest good fortune. Jesus was not concerned about his place in the hierarchy. So that he might rescue us, Jesus went down and became a man. For our sake, he has given up his own life. Keep in mind that Jesus died to give you life, so you will never be alone.