True love exists, and many people have been fortunate enough to experience it with their loved ones to the end. In this account, we learn how a long-term marriage was able to maintain their happiness for almost seven decades.

Marital bliss or marital hell depends on the person you share it with. This is why finding the “perfect person” to go down the aisle with should always be a top priority.

Some marriages need that both partners fall in love with each other several times before they can be successful. They’d have to remind each other why they’re together in the first place and how important each other is to them.

Kenneth and Faye seen hugging each other | Source: TikTok/dudfam

A lifetime together is possible thanks to this method of dealing with difficult periods in their relationship. Having a long-lasting and love-filled marriage isn’t as far-fetched as it seems on social media. Kenneth and Faye Babin are an example of this.

For almost seven decades, the couple had been happily married, and their story and actions moved many people on the internet. Here’s the lowdown on Kenneth and Faye’s love story, including their long-hidden secret.

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After 72 years of marriage, Kenneth and Faye’s granddaughter, Jalee, started posting videos of them on TikTok. People throughout the globe fell in love with their romantic romance, making them believe in the power of real love.

Jalee uploaded a video of Faye, 93, sitting on her husband’s lap and hugging him tenderly. In response to her declaration that she loves him, Kenneth says, “Baby, you have my utmost affection. My affection has never let you down.” On the other hand, Faye reveals to her husband how much she enjoys cuddling with him.

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The elder guy answered jocularly that if he grew tired of pushing her about, he would do so. With almost nine million views since its release, Jalee thought it was time to share more uplifting videos of her grandparents with her online audience.

During a second scene, Faye sat with her hands stretched out in front of her, begging her husband for a kiss. Even though her husband had requested a kiss, the grandma was overjoyed and insisted on being given a hug.

It was Kenneth’s pleasure to say, “A hug goes with kisses.” Before he left, he kissed and embraced his wife. Fans were raving over their love in the comments section after seeing the image of the two of them together.

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Laughingly, the older man said he would stop pushing her about when he got tired. Jalee decided it was time to share more positive footage of her grandparents with her internet audience after nearly nine million views since its publication.

At the end of the second scene, Faye sat in her chair, pleading for a kiss from her husband. The grandmother insisted on the same treatment from the couple, overjoyed and insistent on a hug even though her husband had just asked for a kiss.

“A hug goes with kisses,” Kenneth said. He kissed and hugged his wife before he departed. After seeing a photo of the two of them together, many of their followers took to social media to express their admiration for them.

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Faye was also aware that letting unresolved conflicts fester was bad. Her husband, Kenneth, acknowledged that they always spoke things out when they had disagreements. Kenneth’s perspective is as follows:

“We never even broached the subject of parting ways. It was always the other way around when it came to staying together.”

True to form, Kenneth said that Faye had never contemplated divorce. When asked about their favourite pastimes, she said they enjoyed laughing, playing cards and dominoes, and a good old-fashioned poker match. Ultimately, Faye and Kenneth’s decision to stick by one other through thick and thin paid off.

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A new video of Faye and Kenneth displaying their affection for one another was released by Jalee on April 20, 2022. When her spouse was admitted to the hospital, the former went to see him.

When Faye was wheeled into Kenneth’s hospital room, it was as if they hadn’t seen one other for years. They hadn’t seen one other in a few of days.

Kenneth had emergency surgery, as Jalee said, but from the video, it seems like he is doing well. That Faye had a fall that resulted in face bruising was also stated, but she was OK.

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Because her grandmother’s dementia had deteriorated, Jalee remarked that her grandmother’s medicine needed to be changed. On July 1, 2022, Jalee shared the news to TikTok followers that Faye had gone away the week before.

She put together a wonderful display that included photos and films from Faye’s burial and nostalgic images and movies from her grandparents’ past. In the caption, Jalee added:

“Although meemaw and Gary [Jalee’s stepfather] are in peace, our hearts are devastated. I appreciate your love and support, and I’m grateful to my nephew for performing this lovely song at their funeral.”

@dudfam Our hearts are broken, but we know Memaw & Gary are at peace. Thank you for all the continued love, and thank you to my nephew for singing this beautiful song at their memorial. We'll forever love and miss these two wonderful souls. #kenandfaye #memawandpapaw #dudfam #grandparentsoftiktok #rip ♬ original sound – jaleenicole

Many TikTok users expressed their sympathy and prayers in the comments section. Faye’s family, particularly Kenneth, will always cherish and remember her. Let’s pray for her soul’s eternal rest.