Time and again, 2022 has shown the world that you can’t judge a book by its cover. In addition, we often encounter people who prove that there is no limit to what we are capable of doing.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, 38-year-old Dylan Kuehl now makes his home in the city of Olympia. His life’s mission was to get a bachelor’s degree. However, in contrast to most people’s experiences, Dylan’s journey to this achievement was far from smooth. Dylan has Down syndrome, and that’s why.

A kid with Down syndrome has an extra chromosome at birth, which may lead to intellectual disability and delayed development.

Therefore, Dylan had a considerably more difficult time than average getting through college and graduating. But he was focused and worked hard at it. He finished up at Evergreen State College and is now a fully-fledged alumnus!

Even though he was met with much opposition from people around him when he submitted his college applications, he persisted. Simply by surrounding himself with positive influences, he was able to achieve success. In his commencement address, he thanked them for their support. Dylan became one of just three graduates out of 900 to be asked to give a speech.

Among Dylan’s many interests, painting and dance are particular favourites. Dylan has completed his BA in English and can now call himself a published author.

In the 51 years that his university has existed, Dylan is the first student to graduate with Down syndrome. He broke new ground for students with impairments who want to earn a college degree someday.

Dylan made careful to express gratitude to all those who had helped him along the way to realizing his goal.

In his acceptance speech, Kuehl remarked, “All of our hard work, commitment, and never giving up has gotten us to this moment.”

He emphasized the need to provide equal access to higher education by thanking his institution for admitting him.

However, he pointed out that he had obtained his degree via “hard work and effort” on his own, making it irrevocable.

He encourages others to pursue further education and complete their degrees by sharing his story.