Another great accomplishment for Braxton Moral’s résumé. He passed the bar test and, at age 20, is now the youngest lawyer in the United States.

The man from Ulysses, Kansas, recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where he discussed the moment he learned he had died.

He then revealed that they had just walked inside a movie theatre. “I was scrolling through Facebook when I noticed that a friend had gotten their scores; I realized my score was probably in, too; I began to stress; then I checked my results and saw that I had passed; my parents were overjoyed, and then we went and watched the movie.”


After completing externships at the Haskell County, Kansas attorney’s office and the Liberal, Kansas City attorney’s office, Braxton is still undecided about where he wants to practice law.

Because it’s so barren here, you must juggle a few identities. A couple of folks I attempted to ticket for driving violations, and I ended up successfully ticketing. Yes, they were caught on film, but that’s beside the point; I still have them. He said, “And I’m keeping our city safer.”

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The new attorney said he had no idea whether the accused knew how old he was.

One of the defendants, who was aware that it was his first trial, even joked that he was there to “help me get started.”

The promising young man has said that he enjoys participating in court cases.

Clarkson also said Braxton would receive a $1,000 cheque from Pilot Pen during the show.

It’s been just three years since Braxton graduated from both high school and Harvard at the same time.

Credit: youtube/The Kelly Clarkson Show

In May of 2019, he completed high school at Ulysses, and only 11 days later, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard Extension School.

Braxton began his education at Harvard at the age of 11, skipping grades 1-4 altogether. Students who can’t meet the minimum requirements for a certain program may still enrol at the school and be considered for admission if they demonstrate their ability via testing, trial courses, and a vote by the administration.

During the day, Braxton went to his regular lessons at a brick-and-mortar school, and in the evenings, he logged on. While in high school, he took courses online and even had a special classroom for that purpose.

He said juggling high school, and college coursework was accessible because of Harvard Extension School’s online resources.

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Every semester, I double-checked my web resources against the course outline. He said, “Classes were routine; they met Monday through Thursday, and homework was regularly assigned.”

The course titled “A Road to the White House” was Braxton’s favourite in college. A course on the evolution of nuclear weapons was another highlight for him.

“Having experts who are at the forefront of their areas and can share knowledge really helped me to learn,” he remarked.

His family found out about Harvard’s extension classes via a program at Duke University that sought out and helped academically gifted children.

Braxton only needed 2.5 years to complete the law program at Washburn University. He stated he struggled in the first semester but excelled in the second. He decided to enrol in some summer classes in order to raise his GPA.

Credit: youtube/The Kelly Clarkson Show

Braxton’s first taste of independence came when he attended college, a six-hour commute from his home in Ulysses.

I thought it was really informative and enjoyable. He said, “I had a lot of independence.”

However, Braxton moved back in with his parents after the outbreak of COVID and has been attending school online ever since.

Braxton is humble about his success and admits that he, too, is prone to making simple errors.

He added that I used a cup with a hole the other day to pour myself a drink, so it’s not a huge problem.