One rescue dog in South Africa laid down her life to defend her family from armed attackers.

The Lamonts got their little crossed Malinois Kei from the Boksburg SPCA a year ago. They fell in love the instant they laid eyes on her, but they had no idea that the rescue puppy would end up saving their lives.

Two armed robbers entered the Lamont residence in Lakefield, Benoni, South Africa, on October 3rd at some ungodly hour. The intruders went to the family’s bedroom on the second floor.

Credit: Facebook/Boksburg SPCA New FB Page

With guns drawn, two intruders split up, one entering the master bedroom and the other in the oldest daughter’s room. Kei, Kei’s closest buddy, was also on the bed, although he didn’t know it. When the dog realized someone was breaking in, it sprung into action and raced across the room.

Kei launched a ferocious assault, prompting the intruder to flee back into the hall and then down the stairs, where he was found bleeding to death.

However, while he was running away, he shot and murdered Holly, the family’s Biewer Yorkie. Despite her small size, the pup bravely fought for the safety of her pack.

Credit: Facebook/Boksburg SPCA New FB Page

Kei followed the guy down the stairs and into the kitchen, where he drew his gun and shot the dog dead. The unfortunate dog was hurt and knocked out, and the aggressor got away.

The dog was injured, but she realized she had to find aid, so she hobbled out to the gate and barked at a neighbour she knew. She may be seen on surveillance tape from that morning walking up and down the fence in an apparent attempt to catch the attention of the residents. The bullet had damaged her jaw, leaving her unable to bark.

When she couldn’t locate any support elsewhere, Kei made a break for the lake, a familiar area to her.

Meanwhile, her family, the Lamonts, anxiously searched for her in their cars. After waiting forty minutes, they saw Kei dozing on the grass next to the lake. The Boksburg SPCA was called and arrived quickly to assist the family.

Credit: Facebook/Boksburg SPCA New FB Page

Kei was taken to a 24-hour emergency vet, where she was given morphine and stabilized. The situation wasn’t looking good for her at that point. The X-ray taken later that morning showed that the bullet had cracked her jaw, seriously damaged her tongue, and destroyed two of her top teeth.

Kei had extensive jaw surgery on October 7th. However, medical professionals determined that the damage was significant, and she would need more therapy for her tongue. Her jawbone also contained gunshot fragments. She was discharged from the hospital a few days later but continued to need tube feedings even after they were no longer necessary.

According to Professor Steenkamp, a specialist at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital, Kei will need a plate in her jaw and maybe a bone graph.

The Boksburg SPCA said on Facebook, “This is a magnificent example of how an undesirable, crossbreed, SPCA animal may move from ‘zero to hero.'” “There are hundreds of dogs like Kei languishing in SPCAs throughout the nation, waiting to be adopted. Take care of your pets, and they’ll take care of you!

Credit: Facebook/Boksburg SPCA New FB Page

The Boksburg SPCA updated their status on Kei on October 26th, saying that he no longer needed a feeding tube and could begin eating soft foods. After the titanium plate and prosthesis are ready, she will undergo major surgery in three weeks.

“Words cannot explain how immensely thankful we are to all of you beautiful, kind-hearted folks out there,” the Lamonts stated. “Thanks to your support, we are feeling much better now. All of you are wonderful, and we appreciate all you’ve done for Kei and our family.

To offset the costs of Kei’s surgery, the Lamonts have launched a GoFundMe page in memory of their late dog, Holly, and want to give any additional money raised to the Boksburg SPCA.

So that she may return to being with her loved ones, I hope Kei recovers quickly.