Famous for his work in several films and television shows, Tom Selleck is instantly recognizable in any of his brightly coloured.

In “Magnum P.I.”, he wore Hawaiian shirts while taking down bad people; in “Three Men and a Baby”, he played the charming bachelor.

Mr. Selleck is really one-of-a-kind, and no article on him would be complete without mentioning his famous moustache.

Tom, however, never imagined himself to be better than other folks. He felt compelled to intervene because he cared about the future of the next generation.

He prioritizes his family and activities as a philanthropist with little free time.

According to reports, Tom Selleck grew up in a perfect environment. His parents were also educators, and they raised their four children in the lovely San Fernando Valley in California after moving there from Detroit.

His father, a loving but strict disciplinarian, told him when he was young that a man is only as good as his word, and he never forgot that.

He worked hard on the basketball court at Valley Junior College in California and was rewarded with a full scholarship.

He then continued his basketball career at USC before transitioning toward acting.

His acting career started with a series of ads for toothpaste.

The industry quickly caught on to his abilities, and Twentieth Century Fox offered him a contract.

After being fired from Fox following his return from Vietnam, he was cast as the lead in “Magnum P.I.”

In 1985, Tom Selleck won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama after receiving multiple Emmy Award nominations for his work on the show throughout its first eight seasons.

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Tom’s previous marriage ended in divorce, and he blamed his busy work schedule. When he fell in love with English dancer Jillie Mack a second time, he determined he wouldn’t let his job get in the way of his newfound love.

Tom left Magnum after the birth of their daughter Hannah Margaret so that he wouldn’t have to try to balance work and parenting again.

He has maintained the firm moral compass that was implanted in him at a young age.

“I’ve worked very hard to conduct myself in an ethical manner,” Tom told the New York Daily News, “because that’s vital to my stability today.”

He travels the country spreading the word about Character Counts! an organization that encourages young people to develop strong moral convictions.

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Tom stated, “I deal with extraordinary kids, and they all have an unbelievable feeling of entitlement, whether they grew up in a gang or not or are poor or affluent.”

It’s time for Tom to make some changes.

In addition to his work with the Student/Sponsor Partnership Program in New York City, Tom is a spokesperson for the National Fatherhood Initiative and a member of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Advisory Committee.

He also served as an honorary chairman for the Skin Cancer Foundation and as a spokesman for the Los Angeles Mission, an organization that provides aid to the homeless.

Credit: DoD photo by Linda D. Kozaryn

He may have stepped away from the celebrity limelight, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to kick back and relax. His 30-acre avocado farm is where he goes to relax after a day of work or family time.

I believe even his most devoted supporters may be shocked by how much he contributes to positive causes. This 74-year-old appears to have a lot more to offer.

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But I bet you can guess who he credits most with his accomplishment. Jesus.

Selleck attributes his good fortune and salvation to Jesus Christ.

The Lord establishes a man’s course, but his thoughts are the architect’s. Therefore, “humble yourself beneath the powerful hand of God, that he may bring you up in due time,” he said.