To have a trustworthy animal companion is a blessing. Animals have excellent survival instincts and may rush to your aid in a crisis.

Like the savvy feline that rescued his 83-year-old mistress from a gully after she had fallen into it.

The Bodmin Police in England started looking for a missing elderly lady on August 14. However, they were able to make progress quickly because of incredible resources.

Apparently, a local lady overheard a cat meowing nonstop in the far corner of a huge maize field.

The cat, called Piran, soon proved to be the missing woman’s, and the neighbor’s efforts to locate her were rewarded.

The elderly woman, 83 at the time, had apparently fallen down a steep incline in a field next to her house.

The elderly woman “had fallen around 70 feet down a very steep slope, with exceedingly poor access and uneven ground,” Bodmin Police said.

The Bodmin Police and the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service rushed to the scene as they learned where the missing lady was.

Once she was extracted, the Cornwall Air Ambulance took off to take her to the emergency room. An update indicated that her health had stabilized and that she was “in excellent spirits” despite the ongoing care she required.

An unnamed resident of Piran lauded the actions of rescuers and the local government to the BBC. That is to say; it easily might have been far worse.

Even if the rescuers did the actual rescuing, most of the credit for saving his owner’s life should go to Piran. It’s easy to imagine how things may have gone quite differently if the cat hadn’t been so diligent and alerted the rescuers to the old lady’s whereabouts.

According to onlookers, “Piran the cat saved the day!” An official from the Bodin Police Department updated their Facebook page.