The mother of a 10-year-old boy from Oklahoma is hailing him as a “hero” and a “guardian angel” after he saved her life in their family pool within seconds of her having a seizure.

Things were going swimmingly for Gavin Keeney and his mother, Lori, until shortly after, Gavin got out of the water.

As I was resting on my porch with my dog, I heard what sounded like someone was drowning. “I went up to see what was going on, and she was simply having a seizure in the water,” Gavin recalled.

Without giving it any consideration, Gavin got up, plunged in, and carried his mother over to the edge of the pool, where he held her head above water until his grandpa arrived to aid.

The terrifying event was caught by a security camera set up in an outdoor location.

It can be difficult to see for some, but you all.


“This video is very literally saving my life,” Lori commented with the film she posted on Facebook.

Just a little water, we hope, and I’ll be OK,” I said when Gavin rescued me. Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that. I still can’t believe I’m putting these words on paper. Little Gavin is my hero, and I do believe what I witnessed. What really hurts is that I refuse to accept that he was forced to do it.

Lori’s kid rescued her more than once when she was having seizures due to her epilepsy.

After surgery she had almost two years ago, she still had trouble swallowing. She had a food complication while eating. He did the Heimlich manoeuvre on her, and her son tried.

The last thing I remember clearly is hearing him say, “I’m not strong enough, mother,” and then seeing his small arms grasp around me and try with all their might. He then placed a 911 call.

Gavin was honored for his fast thinking and life-saving acts by the police in Kingston, Oklahoma. He was humiliated in front of his primary school peers when the cops identified him.

They thanked him on Facebook, writing, “Thank you, Gavin, you are a genuine hero and a wonderful light for our town.”

In the meantime, Lori is thankful to be alive and for her baby.

Finally, she said, “He is certainly my hero,” and ever since then, I have treated him as if he were a guardian angel.