Many different species of animals, including people, are exposed to the perils that might be caused by cold weather. They are susceptible to conditions such as frostbite and hypothermia. Seeing people go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that animals are kept warm is always uplifting.

Like the farmer who came up with an unanticipated way to rescue the life of a young cow that was being killed by the bitter cold.

Dean Gangwer breeds cattle on the farm he owns and operates in Rossville, Indiana. On a brisk morning in 2015, Dean made an unexpected discovery that added something fresh to his land.

He was shocked to learn that one of his cows had given birth to a calf without his knowledge in the middle of the night. Unfortuitously, she gave birth to her calf atop a snowdrift, and the infant was exposed to subfreezing temperatures as a result.

Dean could see that the calf had very shallow respiration and could not keep his eyes open. In an effort to give the cow a fighting chance, he hurried her to safety inside his house.

Drawing on his years of expertise working with cattle, he was aware that he needed to put the calf in a warm bath, and it just so happened that Dean was prepared with the ideal cow-sized bath all along: his hot tub.

Despite how strange it may have seemed, the strategy was a success.

Dean told WRTV, “He and I had a great bath for an hour.” Dean went in the water while fully clothed, holding Leroy up to prevent him from drowning. We have a happy ending, and I believe this will be a good tale for him overall.

The farmer covered his calf in hot blankets after soaking in the jacuzzi.

The man gave the calf the name “Leroy”. The cow’s temperature normalized, and he was able to rejoin the herd shortly after.

Although the farmer’s fast thinking and compassion saved the life of a baby cow, he says he won’t be making a habit of letting the cows use his hot tub in the future.

A last hot tub session for Leroy, he said. He will sunbathe on the lawn in the future, but his days of soaking in the hot tub are over.