It is simple to ignore the everyday struggles of the folks who are standing by the side of the road carrying a sign because it is easy to pass by them.

Many of us are under the impression that they are con artists who don’t really need our assistance, while others are under the impression that they will put our contribution to poor use.

However, one guy decided to demonstrate that he was in need of assistance by posting a notice in which he expressed gratitude to everyone who had assisted him over the previous several months.

According to a resident named Jesse Dixon, the guy from West Seneca, New York, had been a common sight on one particular street corner. On the sign he displayed each day, the man said that he had served in the military, did not use drugs or alcohol, and was searching for work.

Kevin was all anybody knew about him to those who gave him aid in the form of food and money. Jesse, who often stopped to assist Kevin, said that he was respectful and gave the impression that he was simply going through a difficult time in his life.

Dixon was quoted as saying to WKBW-TV, “He’s simply a wonderful man.” “It seemed as if he had struck a patch of, you know, bad luck, so we were just attempting to assist him in working through it.

It was uncommon for me to go more than two or three days without seeing him at any one moment. I should clarify that when I say “usually,” I mean “usually,” as I would see him many times a week at the very least.

However, this week, rather than Kevin standing on his normal corner with his sign asking for assistance, there was a handmade sign that read: “Thank you to everyone who has helped. On Monday, I will begin my new job.

Credit: Twitter

Those people who had assisted Kevin and even gotten to know him over the course of the previous several months attached a great deal of significance to this indication.

Dixon said, “I was delighted to hear that he’s got some job.”

Kevin’s generosity, as described by Megan Bingham, co-chair of the annual local Project Homeless Connect event, was described as being really wonderful.

She added, “Here’s a guy who is so thankful to have found a job that he placed a sign for everyone who’s helped him over the past, however many months.” “Here’s a man who is so pleased to have found a job that he left a sign for anyone who’s helped him over the previous…” “I mean, just thinking about it gives me the chills.”

Credit: Twitter

The story was published by the neighborhood news station 7 Eyewitness News on its Facebook page, where a large number of people also expressed their delight at Kevin’s job news.

In several instances, our family has been there to assist him. He was perpetually thankful for all that we bestowed upon him. “Congratulations,” one commenter commented on the post, which has gotten 13,000 comments as of right now.

Another user exclaimed, “So extremely delighted!” in their post. “On a couple of separate occasions, I made a detour and provided him with food and gift cards. He is an exceptionally nice and generous individual. I am delighted to learn this information.

Someone commented, “I just loaned him some money only last week.” “I couldn’t be happier for him. I could see looks in his eyes that he was in need of assistance and was grateful.

The local TV station claims that a landscaping firm has offered an employment opportunity to Kevin.