Linda Hoffman had spent her whole childhood in Denver with her family and was completely oblivious to the fact that she had a sister who resided in a different state.

When her mother and father were barely 18 years old when she was born, they made the difficult decision to place their first-born daughter for adoption. They were both no longer around a few decades ago, taking their secret with them when they died.

However, after more than seventy years of searching, the sisters have finally located one another.

After joining up for, the siblings unexpectedly located one another and reconnected. After discovering that Linda’s DNA was a match for her own, Harriet Carter decided to contact her.

Hoffman, who resides in Denver, said that she received a message from Harriet in which she stated, “I believe we could be connected.” None of our parents acknowledged how well-suited we were to one another, despite the obvious.

Since that time, which was two years ago, the sisters have been making preparations for a gathering, but the gathering keeps being pushed back because of the epidemic.

“I can hardly wait. Hoffman, then 73 years old, said, “I can picture what she’s thinking,” while waiting to see her lovely sister for the first time at Denver International Airport.

When Hoffman saw her sister coming in from Sacramento, she immediately felt a surge of excitement. “Oh my God, that’s her,” she said after recognizing her.

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The sisters were shocked when they saw how similar their appearances were to one another.

“You definitely look like me,” Hoffman replied. “I just cannot believe how much you resemble my own mother. Your mom. Our mom. I can’t help but keep looking at you.

After that, the long-lost sisters spent some time at the airport poring over old photographs before continuing on to Hoffman’s residence.

To her elder sister, Hoffman said, “This image is very disappointing since you’re not in it.”

According to Carter, “now that I’m getting older, it’s more important to see all of these photographs of love, connection, and closeness.”

The sisters are not depressed because of the time that they have not been able to spend together.

“I believe that we discovered one other when it was meant for us to,” Hoffman said.

It’s surprising that these sisters didn’t know anything about each other and almost didn’t exist.