Kindness given to strangers always seems to materialize just when it’s most needed. Tips from satisfied customers may be life-changing for some service workers, such as wait staff at restaurants. This was undeniably the case for the fortunate waiter who had the opportunity to serve Isaiah Garza, the customer.

After finishing his lunch, Garza questioned the waitress about the amount of the customer service tip she hoped to get. She first showed quite a bit of reluctance, but when she responded, she was even more stunned by Garza’s reaction.

Isaiah Garza is determined to make the world a better place in some way. Garza, now a household name in the fashion world, started from very modest beginnings.

He said, “At various periods, I found myself without a home. I would sometimes sleep in deserted office buildings, and other times I would sleep in my vehicle. Having experienced periods of extreme hunger when there was nothing to eat, I could empathize with their predicament.

Even though he had a difficult time finding his place in the world, Garza never stopped believing that everything would turn out well as long as his heart was in the right place.

He counseled himself to take things one step at a time and approach the situation positively. Everything that occurs is planned out in advance. When things don’t go as planned, it may be because they were never meant to take you in that direction in the first place.

Because of his positive attitude and dogged determination, he was able to open doors that led to him working with notable clients such as Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper.

Credit: Isaiah Garza | Facebook

Garza had to make do with little money as he studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. This was before he became famous (FIDM).

“I would basically simply walk to the fashion area in Los Angeles and find out how to make things work with $50,” he recounted. I gathered various components and placed them into place as I shopped for supplies. When you believe in something, you are willing to go to whatever lengths to protect that belief. And I followed through with it. I made sure that I was prepared for the day when the tide would turn by leading with love and care, working very hard, and not giving up.

That buddy from FIDM would eventually be the one to provide that major break. Garza worked up the nerve to give Rihanna the use of his jewels for the shoot that his buddy was doing with her while his friend was working with the singer.

That one “yes” altered the course of his life permanently when a French magazine was published with Rihanna on the cover wearing Garza’s jewellery, Garza’s inventory of jewellery sold out very quickly after the publication of the magazine.

Credit: Isaiah Garza | Facebook

Garza internalized the information presented here. He said that providing even a little amount of assistance and optimism to a person who is suffering may be very valuable.

This is most likely the reason why he is so generous with the tips he receives for providing customer care. Since then, he has worked to assist persons who have survived human trafficking as well as the homeless, and he has collaborated with businesses to assist those in need.

“If it’s a social good and I know that it’s going back to those who are in need, then that’s good enough for me,” the speaker said. “That’s good enough for me.” Garza feels a deep sense of gratitude for working with firms that really care.

Through his partnership with KFC, he generated half a million dollars for charitable groups all around the United States working to alleviate hunger in their local areas. In addition to this, he provides assistance to families and people in need, such as wait staff, who depend significantly on tips from satisfied customers.

When Garza was at that restaurant, he surprised the waitress with the customer service tip she had hoped for. After originally responding that she would be pleased with what he would be willing to give, she eventually caved in and indicated that she would be delighted to get a $20 customer service tip. This was after she had first responded that she would be fine with what he would be willing to offer.

However, Garza persisted and questioned what it was that she really needed. The waitress hesitated before responding that she needed to pay her phone bill in addition to purchasing a new air conditioner.

Garza did not show the slightest sign of reluctance and immediately gave them a totally unexpected gratuity for excellent customer service. The payment consisted of $50 to pay her phone bill and another $300 to purchase an air conditioner. The waitress expressed their gratitude by saying, “I really really, truly, truly, truly appreciate everything.” “I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before.”

Credit: Isaiah Garza | Facebook

The server expressed her gratitude, but she decided against it very soon. The server said, “If I’m being really honest, I’m simply going to give it to my mum.” If she received a tip for providing excellent customer service, it would be used toward paying off her mother’s mortgage.

However, Garza has lofty goals, and his generosity will not be limited to only providing customer service advice. He wants to assist more people globally, maybe by establishing schools in underdeveloped nations and shelters for the destitute and persons who have survived being abused or trafficked.

He has often expressed his desire to host a chat show where he can assist people. In the long run, Garza aspires to be one of the most successful and well-known charitable organizations around the whole globe.

Garza continued, saying, “The theory that has benefited me is that if you can only assist one person, then that’s one person in life that you can rescue, and it multiplies from there.”

When it was passed down to the server’s mother, the value of that customer service tip immediately increased. Garza is, without a doubt, the epitome of people who wish to make our world a better place, and he is an inspiration for all of us to give others opportunities whenever we get them the opportunity.