Kyle didn’t realize it at the time, but his daughter’s healthy choice to remain inside on that particular day ended up being the thing that prevented him from dying.

Credit: Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | Boston 25 News

Kyle Semrau had the impression that April 12 was much like any other day, except that his daughter Macie did not attend school since she had already expressed her intention. Kyle didn’t realize that his daughter’s resolute choice would wind up being the thing that prevented him from passing away.

The little girl, who is often quite outgoing and adventurous, surprised everyone when she said she wanted to skip kindergarten since she missed her father so much. Because that day was also the anniversary of her grandmother’s passing one year before, her parents gave their permission for her to skip school on that particular day.

Because of an ongoing issue with his sinuses and lungs, Kyle didn’t seem to be feeling very well on that particular day when he got home from his night work and went straight to bed. As a result, he decided to forgo going to work and spend the day at home with his daughter Macie and his son Caleb, who is four years old.

But later on that morning, the man who was a father to two children began having trouble breathing and continuously losing consciousness. His condition continued to deteriorate. At one point, when he had just momentarily recovered consciousness, he screamed for assistance.

Fortunately, his daughter was nearby, and she didn’t waste any time running over to help her father. As soon as Kyle came, Macie asked him for his mobile phone password so she could access it. Following her triumphant completion of the challenge, she typed “Eliot Polis” into Google.

“I pressed this button, entered “Eliot Police,” and then hit the call button. I knew he would die, and it pains me to acknowledge that. “During an interview with Boston25 News, Macie elaborated. Judy Smith, who works for the Eliot Police Department, was the one who answered the other end of the phone. Macie, according to Smith, “knew everything,” including her home location, her father’s age, and name, and how the police could get to him fast within the basement room where he was sleeping. Smith alleges that Macie also knew how to get inside the room where her father was resting.

In the meanwhile, tiny Caleb couldn’t help but freak out. According to the little girl, who is just four years old, “Macie contacted the police, and I was weeping a lot, and then she (Judy) heard me crying on the phone, and then she said everything was OK.” This information was given to Seacoastonline by the young girl. Macie worked out a method to open the basement door while the kids waited for assistance, and she even told her brother to shut a door upstairs so the dogs would be kept at bay until the authorities came.

After some time had passed, Kyle was taken to the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital for treatment, where he remained for three days before being discharged. The fact that the father is still alive after what happened has led him to consider himself extraordinarily fortunate. “Simply superb in every respect. It’s evident that my daughter and son, as well as the reaction from the police, have given me a lot of luck. It went pretty quickly, “he remarked.

I have learned from this entire ordeal the importance of raising conscious kids. There’s a good chance that things would have turned out quite differently if I hadn’t taken the time to teach my daughter some of the information she wouldn’t get at school. She has been and will continue to be my inspiration, “he continued.