Randy Travis’ is one of the few voices that actually gives me chills.

Despite having had a stroke years before, he sang a spectacular version of “Amazing Grace” in honor of George Jones, a fellow country music musician. This demonstrated his unwavering enthusiasm for singing.

The legendary performer was illuminated by blue and purple lighting as she paid homage to the recently dead George Jones during a performance at the Grand Ole Opry.


Musicians, including Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and Travis Tritt, played with Travis.

Travis’s wife, Mary, has talked openly about her husband’s challenging stroke and how supportive his ardent followers have been during this period.

In July 2013, Randy Travis was hospitalized in Dallas due to viral cardiomyopathy problems, which led to a stroke, necessitating brain surgery and resulting in a comatose state. The physicians overseeing his care provided a grim prognosis, estimating his chances of survival to be a mere 1% to 2%. Randy Travis was the patient in question, a renowned figure in the country and gospel music scene.

As a result, there was little purpose in continuing their attempts to keep him alive.


His wife, Mary Davis Travis, had the choice of simply turning off the life support and allowing her husband to go to asleep. The physicians directly questioned her. What did she want to achieve?

She, however, made the decision to disregard them all. She made the decision to go against the grain and ignore the advice of medical professionals.

Even though the doctors may have only given her husband a 1-2% chance of life, Mary knew he was a warrior. She was unable to turn off the respirators.

May recalled saying, “I pleaded fervently, ‘God, please let me have him back, any manner, shape or form.


Even though her husband was essentially just skin and bones, Mary never once thought of turning off Randy’s machines while he was still in a coma and entangled in a bed of cables.

Then the miracle materialized one day. Then Randy awoke.

While conceding that they do not know what the future holds, the individual expressed thankfulness and happiness with their existing circumstances. While they aspire to return to the stage one day, they are now appreciating their blessings and ready to help wherever needed.


Randy has been confined to a wheelchair ever since his stroke, but he is making progress and can now travel small distances on his own. He has also picked up music and continues to have a strong interest in it.

After regaining his ability to walk, he was honored by being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016.

Anyone who knows Randy is aware of his colorful past. He’s had both a difficult and lovely life, according to his wife.

If the performance below is any indication, Travis, who is currently struggling with aphasia, has been striving and praying to regain his prior level of brilliance.

Watch Travis’ performance and let us know what you think of his rehabilitation!