How lovely is this?

According to current statistics from the Children’s Bureau, there are about 424,000 children in foster care nationally. There are slightly less than 8,000 children waiting to be reunited with their family or find a permanent home with someone who would love them unconditionally in Tennessee alone. Regrettably, this state has less than 4,000 foster families.

Until recently, Andrew, a 12-year-old from Nashville, was one of those children who ended up in the system. This beautiful young man spent the better part of his life moving from family to family. That all changed when he was adopted by a unique foster family known as the Gills.

Kevin and Dominique Gill have a kid named Joc, who hit it off immediately with Andrew. The guys adore spending time together. They spend their time playing games, going on walks, and generally having a good time. Kevin and Dominique chose to adopt the boys after seeing how close they grew.

Andrew was unaware he was about to become an official Gill family member. While out for a stroll in the park with Molly Parker, a Youth Villages staffer, he was informed that his foster parents were adopting him.

“I rounded the corner and saw everyone,” Andrew said. “They inquired, ‘Will you?’ and I replied, ‘Yes!'”

Apart from being closest friends, these guys have now been adopted as brothers. Isn’t it the most lovely thing you’ve ever seen?