In the hospital for the past three days, my mother was unable to attend her vitals every four weeks eye injections for wet macular degeneration treatment, which she relied upon. Her eyes may hemorrhage, and she will lose her eyesight permanently if she stays more than four weeks.

She had a similar experience with her left eye a couple of years ago. Dr. Yosef Gindzin of Grand Rapids Ophthalmology opened his office (on a Saturday) only to give my mother her injections to save her right eye from being lost. As a result of the parking lot not being plowed on Saturdays and Sundays, we could not transport her in her wheelchair. Dr. Gindzin was the one who transported her.

Source: Facebook/Marie Havenga

What a remarkable and caring individual. My mother will be able to experience the wonder of Christmas as a result of his efforts. “Thank you very much, Dr. Gindzin, for giving me the greatest present I’ve ever received!”