Stray animals may have a difficult time navigating their way through life. They are exposed to the elements since they have no place to call home or refuge. Not only do they have to obtain their food and water, but they are also completely exposed to the elements.

Countless tales have been told of dogs suffering in the severe weather and the kind businesses who opened their doors to keep them warm. On the other hand, dogs are sensitive to extreme heat, and on one scorching day, a shop decided it was the proper thing to let a dog inside the store to cool down.

This particular day in Mexico was blazing hot, with temperatures reaching 104°F. A stray dog had been frequenting the nearby market for the previous several days, and he decided to visit him.

According to The Dodo, an employee at the shop confirmed that the man had been there for “a few days.” “We believe his previous owner abandoned him. “He came to us for assistance.”

“We were only able to give him food, drink, and a few toys from a shop that we bought for with our own money,” says the author.

On one particularly scorching day, though, they decided to go even further:

They let the dog come in to cool down!

The dog seemed to be enjoying himself during this little reprieve from the severe heat: he was so comfortable that he just lay down on the aisle floor for asleep.

“We allowed him to come in since the weather outdoors is just suffocating,” the cashier said. “We feel sorry for him, yet he seems to be enjoying himself around the shop.”

A client called Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada, who was in the market for some milk, decided to purchase the dog a treat because the generosity of the clerks was contagious.

“I felt sorry for the dog because of what he had to go through,” Adolfo said in an interview with The Dodo. “However, he is finally getting the affection that he so well deserves.”

Thank you to this business for welcoming this puppy inside their establishment! We are aware that this seemingly little gesture of compassion meant the world to this stray.

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