As any New Yorker will tell you, you see many strange and unexpected things while riding the subway system. One woman, on the other hand, witnessed something that left her feeling truly inspired.

Gillian Rogers is the founder of Pet Rescue Squad Inc., and she is deeply committed to the welfare of animals. And, just last week, she witnessed something that gave her reason to be optimistic.

During her ride home on the one train, she noticed a man on the other side of the car, who appeared to be holding something in his lap.

She was completely taken aback when she realized it was a tiny kitten wrapped in a towel. Not only that, but the man was also feeding the cat with a bottle.

“You could see the love,” Gillian said in an interview with The Dodo. I thought my heart was going to burst when I saw someone who cared so deeply for someone else. He was wholly immersed at the moment.”

During the feeding, the kitten raised her head to look up at him. It was incredibly heartwarming.”

She had a strong desire to learn more. She approached the man and inquired about his little cat, and he proceeded to share his moving story with her.

He informed Gillian that he had discovered the cat in the city, sandwiched between two buildings, and had chosen to take her in, feeding her and providing her with shelter and heat.

“It was wonderful,” Gillian expressed her delight. “I told him, ‘Thank you,'” I recalled.

Gillian Rogers

When Gillian uploaded the picture on Facebook, over 13,000 people liked it. Over a thousand people commented on it, making it the most shared photo ever.

She was thrilled that the priceless event had meant as much to others as it had to her and her family.

“I had no clue how much the photograph would connect with people. The Dodo quoted her as saying, “It makes me happy.” “I believe we are all in need of something to lift our spirits.”

It lifted our spirits! The fact that there are people out there willing to go out of their way to save a kitten and ensure that they receive all of the love they require is a comfort to us.

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