Simon Cowell is well known for being the harsh, cruel judge on television competition shows such as American Idol and America’s Got Talent. Still, he is also a kind and compassionate person, particularly when it comes to animals.

Cowell has spent his own money to assist in the closure of one of the most horrific dangers they face to protect dogs. Slaughterhouses and meat markets that continue to prepare and sell dogs for consumption.

In 2018, Cowell contributed £25,000 (about $32,640 in US dollars) to Humane Society International as part of their efforts to close a canine slaughter facility in South Korea, according to the organization.

He was recognized for saving the lives of more than 200 dogs during his time on the job.

Until recently, when Cowell was able to see the effect of his donations personally, it was a wonderful gesture, but one that went unappreciated.

Good Morning Britain presenter Pip Tomson spoke with Cowell about his attempts to bring the dog meat trade to an end during an appearance on the show earlier in the year.

“It’s the equivalent of devouring your buddy,” Cowell said.

Then Tomson surprised him with a unique gift: she brought out her puppy, one of the dogs she had saved from the butcher, to give him.

When Cowell brought the puppy into the show, it gave a face to the attempts to close down these marketplaces – and underscored the need of finding these pets loving homes.

According to Cowell, “he would essentially be in someone’s stomach” if not for individuals like him.



What an adorable video! Thank you to Simon Cowell for everything he has done to help dogs in need like this one. Spread the word about this beautiful tale!