Wildfire survivors in California, Oregon, and Washington, have traveled hundreds of miles and made numerous road trips throughout the state.

A father and daughter emerge as a light of hope. Those who have lost almost everything possess the catastrophic wildfires that swept through their community.

Woody Faircloth and his 9-year-old daughter, Luna, have spent the better part of the past two years traveling across the country delivering recreational vehicles. Others were powerless while Woody Faircloth and his 9-year-old daughter burned their own houses to the ground. They have received RVs from people who have driven hundreds of miles to burned villages and given motorhomes.

Wildfires have devastated several regions in the United States over the past couple of years. Many families are still trying to come to terms with their losses. To remedy the situation, Woody has chosen to deliver RVs to the families needing assistance personally.

As Woody embarks on lengthy road journeys throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. His daughter has the opportunity to accompany him and see a slew of families come closer to regaining their financial footing.

In 2018, the father decided to go on his journey after seeing a news story on television. He saw a guy fleeing his house in California in an RV after the Camp Fire. Which was the country’s worst inferno in a century, engulfed his property, and killed his family. Even though the guy had lost his home, he still had a roof over his head because of the RV.

Woody, who has lived in a campervan himself in the past, found this to be very poignant.

Because of a strong desire to assist others, the newly divorced parent approached Luna and spoke about his thoughts on the concept.

“Why don’t we buy an RV and take it out there to a family that has lost their house and offer them a place to stay? So, what are your thoughts about that?” According to the Anchorage Daily News, Woody recounted his experiences.

“Aw, Dad, God, and Santa Claus are going to be so pleased of us,” Luna, who was six years old at the time, said with delight.

His daughter’s comments moved Woody. The two of them set off in an RV that Woody had purchased on Craigslist and traveled for three days to give it to a Camp Fire victim who had lost everything in the fire. They spent Thanksgiving on the road with their daughter that year, and they dropped off the RV to mark the beginning of a life-changing voyage.

Woody has made numerous trips since then, all while maintaining his full-time work at a telecommunications firm. Whenever possible, he schedules most of his travels during weekends and holidays to bring the RVs to the most significant number of individuals.

The more people heard about it; the more people began giving their RVs, which Woody personally drives while Luna sits shotgun on the majority of the journeys.

As Luna said to ABC News, “my favorite part is assisting people.” As well as spending time with my father.

To further his goal, Woody founded the non-profit EmergencyRV.org, giving his 96th RV in September of 2021.

Some individuals like fireman George Wolley. who lost his own home while fighting the Dixie Fire on August 4, have significantly benefited from the donations of recreational vehicles (RVs).

According to Wolley, who spoke to the Anchorage Daily News, “before I had the RV, I felt like I was a burden on everyone who supported me.” “I slept in tents and my vehicle a lot throughout my travels across the world. A place to stay was provided for me by the organization.”

With over 100 families presently on the EmergencyRV.org queue, Woody and Luna will be able to continue their road trip adventures