Many individuals from different regions of the globe want to live in the United States of America. They are all driven by a desire to realize the American Dream in the nation of liberty, honor, justice, and opportunity that is America.

One of the characteristics that distinguish America as a great nation is its military. Our pride and delight are the men and women who serve our country. #themarines #unitedstatesofamerica #greateful #semperfi #thedaythemarineshelpedus #godblessamerica #usamarines #amen #beautiful #intimesofstress #hope ♬ People Help the People – Birdy

With the recent floods in Virginia, many people found themselves stranded on the roadways, unable to move for many hours as a result. The lady who created the video became trapped in the middle of a street in Arlington, Virginia’s Columbia Pike, partially flooded at the time of the incident.

A troop of Marines wading through the water in her direction as she stood there clueless, noticed by her and rescued. They dressed in their dress uniforms and were more than eager to do what they do best: serve the community’s inhabitants.

“Do you think the Marines will come to our aid?” The lady could be overheard asking the question. “It was only that we got caught.”

Because of the torrential rain, the men’s clothing was saturated as they began pushing the van forward.

“This is the most American thing that has ever happened,” the lady in the video can be heard exclaiming with delight. When she saw the Marines pushing the car, she continued saying, “Thank you very much!”

Many people who have seen the video have expressed their support for the woman who took it. This was unquestionable “the most American thing that ever happened.”

According to ARLNow, the woman wrote alongside the video she posted online, “As an immigrant, we don’t usually see these things in the country I grew up in.” “I am eternally grateful to this country, as well as to its Marines and military.”

The heroes who lent a helping hand were dressed in their uniforms, according to some observers, because they were “the guys who ceremoniously carry the caskets of their fellow Marines to Arlington National Cemetery,” as they put it.

In the background of the video, you can see a sign for the Memorial Bridge, located near the historic military burial grounds of the American Revolution.

What these Marines did exemplifies everything our country should be about, looking out for one another. Thank you very much, and may God continue to bless you all.