He was sincere when he spoke about what was on his mind.

 In this world, there is nothing more rewarding than a foster kid who feels loved and accepted by the family with whom they are placed. The feeling of belonging that comes from being with someone is priceless. Having foster parents decide to adopt these youngsters and keep them from being relocated from one area to another is even more rewarding than that. A loving family and a carefree childhood are things that every child deserves.

credit: instagram/cozyd

Sara Cozad and Stuart Shank were foster parents to Dayshawn and Michael, who are now grown up. This couple never saw these boys as foster children; instead, they adored them and felt as if they were their children, which led them to make the natural decision to adopt the boys from foster care.

As Dayshawn turned thirteen and his younger brother was six, the boys became official family members.

The adoption process was very emotional, and no one could have predicted that it would reach many individuals.

credit: instagram/cozyd

In particular, adorable Dayshawn’s statement was so emotional that CBS News broadcast a little segment about the adoption… When the court inquired whether the adoption should continue, Dayshawn responded affirmatively and with a broad grin on his face. In the following moments, he couldn’t stop himself from telling everyone how much he and his brother were loved by their foster parents. The latter was soon to become their actual parents.

credit: instagram/cozyd

In response to the judge’s question about whether or not they were ready to commit to the adoption process, Dayshawn said, “Yeah, I’m pleased to be their son.” They’re just the most pleasing thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. If I could desire for anything in the world, it would be to be able to adore these individuals for the rest of my life.”

Sara couldn’t keep the tears of pleasure from streaming down her face as she listened to her kid describe how happy he was with her and her husband.

Dayshawn’s statement went viral for all the right reasons, and he deserves credit for that.

We hope that every foster kid finds happiness in the same way that Dayshawn and Michael did